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Should Southerners be consider their own ethnic group? Essay

Blue840 2 / 1  
Jun 1, 2007   #1
Should Southerners be consider their own ethnic group?
-Define Reed's opinion "John Shelton Reed" Book: My Tears Spoiled My Aim.
-Define Your opinion

These is some of Reed's opinion from his book.
-Like other ethnic groups, Southerners have differed from the national norm: they have been poorer, less educated, more rural, occupationally specialized. They also differ culturally in important respects, and their political behavior has been distinctive .

-Not often identifiable by name or appearance, their accent usually serves as an ethnic marker.

I don't know where to start, but i guess i agree with Reed's opinion and say Yes.
These are the three ex./opinions i agree about, Southerns are likely to be less educated, live in rural areas, and their accent servin as a ethnic marker.

Help me out, please!
EF_Team2 1 / 1,708  
Jun 2, 2007   #2

If I understand you correctly, you're wanting help writing a thesis statement? If so, you might approach it like this: John Shelton Reed's contention that Southerners should be considered an ethnic group is well supported by the facts: they are less likely to be educated, more likely to live in rural areas, and, although not typically identifiable as Southerners by name or appearance, distinguish their ethnicity through their Southern accents.

Does this help?


Sarah, EssayForum.com (a well-educated Southerner--with no accent ;-))

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