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How to start an admission essay about myself?

sherkina 1 / -  
Mar 29, 2008   #1

I am trying to write an admission essay for the university of Pittsburgh and i do not know where to start or where to end could u please help me
EF_Team2 1 / 1,708  
Mar 30, 2008   #2

It can be very difficult writing about yourself, but the one good thing is, you know yourself better than anyone else does! "Where to start" is a good question. Think about it from the school's point of view: why should they admit you to their university? What skills, qualities, and experiences do or have you had that would make you a successful student there? Start by saying something like "I have always had an interest in [whatever you plan to study--or you could even say "a passion for..." if it's true.] Or, perhaps you just recently discovered your interest in your chosen major; tell how that came about. After you explain what you are interested in and why, discuss what courses you have taken in high school that prepared you for your university studies. Also talk about any extracurricular activities you've engaged in, to show your outside interests: sports, clubs, volunteer work, even playing guitar or collecting coins--anything that gives a better picture of who you are. But the main focus will, of course, be on your studies, so spend the most time there. To end, tell the school what you hope to accomplish there. For example: "With my Bachelor's degree in international studies, I plan to go on to law school, to become an international lawyer specializing in multinational corporate contracts." Be sure to mention why the programs at U. Pittsburgh are perfect for your chosen course of study. If you have not yet decided on a major, that's okay, too. Just let the school know that you have studied their available programs and look forward to narrowing down your major from the offered courses of study, and name two or three that interest you.

I hope this helps get you started. If you'd like help with editing your essay once you have a rough draft, feel free to post it here!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
sania - / 1  
Nov 12, 2008   #3
Give me some starting quotations and guide points of the essay about myself

give me some starting quotations and starting points on essay about my self..
EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Nov 12, 2008   #4
Good afternoon :)

Unfortunately, writing personal (autobiographical) essays are impossible for anyone but the individual to write. Since I don't personally know you, I cannot really give you any specific details as to starting points for yourself.

What I can suggest, is to start with an outline. That sometimes helps with getting started. I suggest you begin with a rough outline, not right off with the introduction. After all, how are you to write an in introduction to a paper that you haven't written yet?

List all of the main topics you absolutely want to discuss in the paper, followed by one interesting fact, detail, or other supporting information for each point. Once you have the content you want, then you can write a rough conclusion reiterating the main points you discussed in the body.

Once you have all of that completed, the introduction will be much easier. You can find a catchy way to lead your readers into the paper you have already written.

I hope this helps you get started.

Moderator, EssayForum.com
hayat - / 2  
Dec 10, 2009   #5
How to start essay about myself

I don't know how to make introduction and conclusion, well i have to write essay about myslef. I already wrote main pharagraph but I m still thinking about introduction. Thnx))
EF_Susan - / 2,364 12  
Dec 10, 2009   #6
Start with an interesting first sentence, something funny or surprising. What are you passionate about? What makes you unique?
If I were writing it, I might start like this;
I worked on fifty essays today, and none of them were my own!

Don't forget to make the last sentence of your first paragraph your thesis statement, summing up the main idea. Your last paragraph will be summing up the essay, reflecting back on what you said at the beginning.

Mustafa1991 8 / 373 4  
Dec 10, 2009   #7
Any observation, insight, comment, provided its not dull, will do.
mbhong 2 / 3  
Dec 11, 2009   #8
For the conclusion, sum up all the ideas and make it into one paragraph
hayat - / 2  
Dec 11, 2009   #9
Thank you very much dears))
shakeela kasi - / 8  
Dec 11, 2009   #10
my name si shakeela. i born in quetta pakistan so quetta is my native place. the place where i open eys.iam student of 10th grade.i hv great intrest in since i wanna be docor. so iam trying very hard inscince subject. i love bilogy but i hate chemistry.iam good at physics. i love english reading and writtng.

we are three sisters. aim the younger one. on of mi sis is married nd enjying her married life. she live in lahore with her inlaws.she is a house wife.MY father is a business man.mother is a also house wife. she is not much educated but she is very strong and like that her doughters do som thing very good in their life. and do som thing very good fro the walfera of poor people. so she wanted us educated nd strong. she is very kind heatred. she hepl the poor nd needy people. so shee also want hese good habits in us as wel.

iam not soft spoken. i hate lise. i can fight fro my right. i acept mi mistake and dot shy to asy soory.i cant see people in trouble.i do work fro them.

iam not very good student in the class iam just normal. but my amibission are very high. whn i see myself and performnece and thn see mi ambitoins it doest match.

i wanna do something verty good for the batterment of women.

may ALALH hepl me.
shakeela kasi - / 8  
Dec 11, 2009   #11
shakeela kasi
iam neww mmeber here. my english is not good or u can say not very good. i need help. how to improve my english writting skill. please i need your help.

iam sure any of you guide me.

Keng 39 / 134  
Dec 11, 2009   #12
You can begin with education achievement.

You may say awards and prizes that indicate your success For example, you become a winner of the physics competition You are able to win a full scholarship sponsored by Oxford University

and become a second runner-up of the crossward competition.

Thesis statement may state with the help of my parents, i am able to bring success and reputation to my family and relatives.

Here are just my suggestion?
juliemusic 1 / 2  
Dec 12, 2009   #13

I would start with a pretty catchy first sentence, that would make your reader wants to read your essay. It might be something like "I have been writing that essay over and over again, I didn't know where to start" and so on. When I had to write mine, that's what I did. Then I wrote that I was looking at something which reminded me of a memory and started off with that memory.

Hope I helped a little bit.

shakeela kasi - / 8  
Dec 12, 2009   #14

i wrote essay about myself but iam sorry to say no one mark my mistake nd i did get ay suggestion. i dot know how to strt essay.wta bout the introduction section the body and the conclusion.i need help in all these section.i wanan improve my writtng skils. because iam not good in english writtng.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Dec 12, 2009   #15
well... start every sentence with a capital letter.

You seem to be doing well. English is hard to learn!

I have great interest in since I want to be physician. So, I am trying very hard in the subject of science. I love biology, but I hate chemistry. I am good at physics. I love English reading and writing.
shakeela kasi - / 8  
Dec 12, 2009   #16
thnx kevin

but i dit understand these red lines are these the mistakes. if these are the msitakes thn how i improve .

can u suggest som book through which i improve mi english writtng skills

jhtang 2 / 4  
Dec 12, 2009   #17
you can start off with a very personal story that can intrugue the admissions. the begining is always important because you must draw the reader in.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Dec 14, 2009   #18
Hi Shakeela, I think the best book to use to improve your skill is one that you will enjoy. Read for pleasure, but make yourself read aloud, so that your mind will be deeply filled with the language. Read English aloud 10 minutes each day. Read a book by Ursula LeGuin.

birzhanfm 5 / 14  
Dec 15, 2009   #19
I could suggest "English Grammar in Use" by Murphy.
Initially my grammar was worse than yourth, but with that book I could improve it.
Nevertheless my grammar is still not so good.)
Keng 39 / 134  
Dec 17, 2009   #20
I suggest you take an grammar course, because it reduces time spent on learning grammar by yourself.

Self-learning is a good way, but it , in some ways, is not appropriate for students who will take an exam.

here are my suggestions
shakeela kasi - / 8  
Jan 8, 2010   #21
thnx you all. i love and iam very happy that you consider my request. i statred grammer course. which i hope will help me inshAllah.But there is somtime confusion the sentenses written there i can understand.word and there proper usage.Especially whn im writtng any liture assignment.some tim langouge assingment.
badromance 1 / 18  
Jan 8, 2010   #22
to start an essay about yourself, start with a small anectode/story in your life that relates to the rest of the essay and tie it into the essay.

hope this helps.
Lydia 6 / 13  
Jan 9, 2010   #23
you know wen u were little and you used to used to write myself. It's more like that but this time add more attitude to it. Make the reader wanna know you. start with something interesting about yourself or a story
shakeela kasi - / 8  
Jan 9, 2010   #24
ok thnk.

i will more work on my wriitng skill. i wanna leran english very quickly.and i wanna know is there any paneca for that.i wanna see my english wriitng improved. and when i enter in new class my teacher praise my english. so im trying hope i wil leran quickly.
Chrome 2 / 9  
Jan 12, 2010   #25
You could start with a quote of what people always to you/ about you. And explain whether you agree with what they say to you/about you and if its logical.E.g " Junkyard nerd". Explain why they say it to you/about you. Is it because you're so beautiful, or you read so much etc?

The conclusion should be more from the third person i think. Maybe write an opinion about the kind of person you are. It would live the reader thinking about the kind of person you are too.
kkk888 - / 1  
Jan 25, 2010   #26
can somebody help me. please.

I don't know how to start my essay about myself. Any suggestions will appreciate. Thanks!
AnnAsburY 1 / 12  
Jan 25, 2010   #27
Think about what you want to say about yourself. What activities are you in? Do you play any sports? Once you have an idea about what you want to talk, go from there.
Joeyson 7 / 15  
Jan 25, 2010   #28
Make an outline of your life starting from the very beginning of your years, ie where you were born, what date etc. Then where you went to school etc. You get the idea?
wongtongsoup22 3 / 4  
Jan 25, 2010   #29
What do you want to talk about yourself?
I believe in these kind of essays, show off something unique about yourself. Once you've brainstormed of what is unique about yourself or what you want to write about, draft an outline, write down examples, write the essay, proofread it, have ppl read it, and your essay should be coming out awesome!
mellyp74 1 / 2  
Jan 25, 2010   #30
Talk about something that people might not know about you, or something funny. Make sure you are descriptive.Make it interesting and fascinating. I love to read peoples bios when it is really interesting and funny.
Humphrey1 - / 1  
Jan 26, 2010   #31
You should start a catchy introduction. In that way readers will be motivated to read your essay. You have to make a plan, organise your plan, execute your plan and review your work.
lvnnk 2 / 3  
Jan 26, 2010   #32
You should start with an impressive introduction (conclusion as well) about yourself.
For example, you can start with a story, a problems, an event..etc that relate to you (Be aware of the number of words allowed in your essay)
facel - / 1  
Jan 27, 2010   #33
i'm also trying to write essay about myself but i just figure out how it wasn't easy!! talk about thing you like: love! cook! you can even say that you like watch tv and how u appreciate! talk about crazy thing! you'll enjoy it!!
pacers7ind 11 / 25 2  
Feb 2, 2010   #34
start with a hook

like a flashback " the day was cold.. blah"
janeypooh 4 / 15  
Feb 12, 2010   #35
You can begin, introducing yourself, where you are from, your interests, and education goals.
Marvin - / 1  
Apr 3, 2010   #36
Strategies for starting an essay about my life...

i need help on starting an essay about my life.. i need some ideas and email me if you have ideas thank you.
hmoon55 2 / 2  
Apr 4, 2010   #37
It is too broad. Give some specific ideas.
joalex7 4 / 13  
Apr 4, 2010   #38
I think should decide which part of your life you want to speak about. You could write about school years, where you and your family live...I would select the part of life you want to share and let it rip. Good luck.
Vakax 2 / 50  
Apr 4, 2010   #39
I think you should start on a broader note and then narrow it down to a specific incident in your life thats relevant with the thing you are applying for... Like lets say you were good at arts when you were young...but growing up you started linking arts to science and then pursued engineering or some other thing...

A story of your life could also start off with a specific incident that totally changed your point of view about how you see things in life...how your perception altered.

Best of luck.
Gebraroest 2 / 4  
Apr 4, 2010   #40
I agree with other posters, this is too broad, an essay about your life could be endless.
Do you mean what you accomplished in the past years or a specific event you remember when you were younger?
We will need to know more information

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