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How to start this essay about "My Mom - The Most Important Person in My Life"

I need help with my essay, it must include imagery and symbolism and 250 words. this is what i got so far:

-My mom is the most important person in my life. She is a person that i can not really express with words. my mother is not my whole life but she is a largest part of it. my mother is not just another woman, she is extra-ordinarily.

please help me!!

Mum I want to tell you just how much you mean to me
Your loving touch, your gentle ways, your always there for me!

You are my best friend whom I can depend...

Hope that helps?!!!
You have to make a guide for your text...
Why is you mother important to you? What has she done that marked you? Do you remember any special occasions where she made you feel special or loved or something like it? Think about it.


-My mom is the most important person in my life. I don't know if I will ever be albe to express what she means to me with words. My mother is not my whole life but she is the largest part of it. She is not just another woman, she is extraordinary.

(I believe it would be a little better this way).
You can say that :
- Her love is like a warm sun that makes you feel secure ; that she taught you most of the things you know today; that she is like a bird that took care of you and then taught you how to fly.

You should reflect a little bit more about your ideas before start writing. What do you think?
A person who influenced in my whole life is my mom . She is a very important part of my life . She always help me at any costs with her heart . She protect and defends when I drop into bad situations . She takes care my health everyday . She calls me when I go home late . She teaches many things , she shows me how to do everythings right . She always hopes that the best things bright to me . She is an angle in my heart . I love her so much .
I love my mother like a fat kid loves cupcakes. Start with a simile and extend it. You have a vivid image. You also have symbolism because the cupcake is a symbol for your mother.

Then you can just extend the comparison.

My mother is like a cupcake because she is sweet. Once when I didn't have a raincoat, she gave me hers. That's just the kind of mom she is.

My mother is like a cupcake because she's neat. Try eating cake without making a mess. Eating a cupcake is never messy. My mother is a fanatic for keeping a neat house. She has helped teach me that everything has a place and that I need to keep my room very clean.

You can build each paragraph around a different facet of the comparison and illustrate each one with an example.

Do that and you will have a delicious essay.
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