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You are to start a new job next week but you will not be able to because you have some problems:

ahmadnyc80 1 / 2  
Feb 8, 2017   #1
Write a letter to your new employer, In your letter

i). explain your situation
ii). describe your problems
iii). tell him/her when you think you can start.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,410 4391  
Feb 8, 2017   #2
Ahmad, where is the letter draft that you wrote? We have nothing to review,advice, and help you correct the content of your work if you have not done the work yet. I hope that you do not think that we will do the letter writing for you here. We only advice you regarding your work so we can help you become a better writer. We are not a writing service. The instructions of your teacher are very clear and does not require any additional explanation. However, if a part of the instruction is unclear to you, then ask for a clarification here and we will do our best to explain it to you.

Just be imaginative and creative in writing the letter so that you can complete it. Imagine the kind of company you hope to work for and what position that is. Then think of a situation that will prevent you from starting on your dream job. Those are the two starting points that you can use for writing the draft of your letter. The rest of the information should flow naturally for you from those points.

Again, if you need additional advice, then post your question. But don't ask for an example about how to write it. We will not do the writing for you. You won't learn how to write better in English that way.
akbarmappiare 31 / 469 275  
Feb 9, 2017   #3
Hi Ahmad, I know that this is the first time you harness this medium. Honestly, you cannot get feedback useful when you did not display your draft about what you achieve or write. Please, you try writing the letter and then upload this website. I really believe others are gonna offer your suggestions.

Turning to the letter, you have to remember that you should introduce yourself well in the beginning sentences. That is the important element in this section. Following this, you don't forget to pay attention to prompts having to include in your letter. Actually, those can be grouped in the distinct paragraph. I mean that you explain your situation in the paragraph and the other matters you display in different paragraphs.

If you wanna make readers can read your writing well, you deliver linking words appropriately. Those can help to guide readers from a topic to another topic. The first step for understanding this format is reading examples of letter more.

I think this which can be given for this moment. Hopefully, you can upload your writing as soon as possible.
OP ahmadnyc80 1 / 2  
Feb 10, 2017   #4
Dear Mr. Anderson,

Hope this email find you well and in good health.

Regarding my joining date to take charge of my new position in your organization as "Business Analyst" was decided as on 01-Feb-2017, however due to some circumstances with my current employer I wanted to request you if we can change my joining date to make it on

01-Mar-2017 instead of 01-Feb-2017.

The reason I am requesting to extend my joining date is because my current employer they could make necessary arrangements to assign someone to handover my ongoing project assignments. Therefore they requested me if I can favor them by extending my notice period so that they can assign substitute from their team to complete the handover and knowledge transfer process. Since my new job requires to take my assignment starting from the next month and it will not be causing any delay I think you will consider and approve my request for extending my joining date to next month. This will help my existing employer not to lose on this project.

Awaiting for your kind approval on the above mentioned.

Thanks & Regards,
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,410 4391  
Feb 11, 2017   #5
Ahmad, the second half of your letter is confusing. There is a lack of information presentation separation in that portion because you presented two separate ideas in one sentence. Thus creating clutter and confusion in that aspect. The best way to have written the first part of your second paragraph would have been something like the following:

My current employer has requested that I extend my stay at the company for another month. That is so that they can hire my replacement, whom I am expected to train, before finally handing over my ongoing projects to him at the end of the month. As I am already familiar with my upcoming job requirements on your end, I am sure that there will not be a problem if we revise my starting date. I hope you will consider my request as I would not like to leave my current employer hanging with regards to the current project I am handling for them.

I assure you that you have my full loyalty and I am looking forward to starting with the company. I just need a little time to be able to tie up all the loose ends with my current employer.

Please note how the example presents the important messages separately so as not to confuse the reader. On another note, please make sure that you do not separate the lines when you are typing information. The two dates that you wrote should be found in a continuous line or paragraph. The second date should not be hanging that way as a separate presentation. I am hoping that was a system glitch that occurred when you pasted the letter here.
OP ahmadnyc80 1 / 2  
Feb 13, 2017   #6

Holt [Contributor] 525

Hi there,

Thanks for highlighting weakness and making necessary corrections, I believe there is always roam for improvements. :)

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