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Need a study plan for a scholarship

harukachan 1 / -  
Mar 18, 2014   #1
Hi friends, I am applying for few scholarships. It is hard to write a good study plan for it.
If anyone could give me some ideas or information to write it better and clear.
First choice : Politics
Second : Japanese language
Third: Economics.

In my future, I decide to pursue a career which is related with Japan. Example, diplomat officer and tourist officer, etc.I wish to be a part of the communication bridge which could help improving the relationships of both countries.

Thank you very much.
Pahan 1 / 1,906 553  
Mar 18, 2014   #2
Well, you have to device a study plan first. Decide on what you aim at studying there. Note down those points in a rough paper. Then take the first point. Think how it is going to help you with achieving your short or long term goals. Then do a para explaining that. Do it for the other points too :) Once you finish your draft, post it here for us to go through it and provide you with our feedbacks as to how to improve it.
Umiii - / 1  
Jan 12, 2019   #3

Study plan for mba scholarship

I need a study plan for mba marketing for Chinese scholarship.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,377 3372  
Jan 13, 2019   #4
I am not sure about whether you need advice on how to write a study plan, if you have a study plan but need to have it reviewed, or if you are looking for someone to write a study plan for you. Regardless, your study plan needs to balance your learning goals with your professional objectives. Think of what research you want to complete, decide what you basis for the research will be, how you will research it, and other specifications for the completion of the information aspect of your study plan. Once you know these things, you should be able to create a proper thesis presentation for approval, or inclusion as the (tentative) study plan for your MBA course. I apologize for not being able to help you beyond this point. I am not familiar with the scholarship study plan requirements so I cannot tell you much regarding developing and writing your study plan.

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