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Sustainable Development Goals: A Law and Economics Perspective

akbutt 1 / -  
Nov 16, 2021   #1

Need Guidance.

I am a bit confuse about how to start and what must include while writing on the following topic, i.e., what accept must cover while answering.

Discuss one of the Sustainable Development Goals from a Law & Economics perspective
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,000 3875  
Nov 17, 2021   #2
First, you will have to familiarize yourself with the UN- SDGP goals for your country. This is a highly comprehensive economic plan for your country that must be met within a certain time frame. Pay particular attention to the development goals implementing laws in relation to economic growth. Get the general idea at the start, then go into specifics related to the prompt that is of interest to you. Divide the research material into 2 groups, the law and economics. Look for co-relations then draft your response. There are no right or wrong responses, just your opinion of that particular goal. Doyou think it is achievable? Why? How? What is your opinion of the legal framework for the goal? These qquestions should help you get started.

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