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Tagline for a fitness startup - No more excuses...

Jan 25, 2017   #1

No more excuses to fitness...


Need help with a tagline for a fitness startup. It solves the following issues:
1) Lack of motivation to workout
2) Lack of interest due to same form of workout everyday
3) Lack of time required to commute to the workout location
4) Lack of personalized and overall approach to fitness (diet + workout)

The tagline that I could think of is "No more excuses to fitness..."
Could this be tweaked in a better way or perhaps any suggestions for a tagline are most welcome.

Thank you in advance.


Also, mission statement- "Helps you to get fit at work, home or school with your peers thus eliminating the obstacles between you and a fitter you."

Please suggest if this sounds concise and to the point or needs to be tweaked.

Thank you once again.

Holt [Contributor] 1503  
Jan 25, 2017   #2
Silkeisha, what is the name of your gym? When you are developing a tag line, it is important to consider the name of the establishment. The name of the place will help you to better tie in the mission and objectives of your gym, as well as allow you to present a lighter tone in terms of tag lines. I am not exactly sure how to develop your tag line at this point because I am not familiar with the name of your venue. Once i know what that is, I will be able to better consider the tagline for your gym. by the way, do you want just one tag line or a series of taglines to describe your gym? Normally, only one tagline works best, but that is up to you of course. If you want more than one tagline, then it will be that way.

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