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'Team work and basketball' - Common application Short answer essay

Dblak99 2 / -  
Jun 17, 2008   #1
I need some help with a Commonapplication Short answer essay. Thank you for helping me with my first post. I appreciate it.

This is the question. Briefly elaborate on one of your activities(extra - curricular, personal or work experience). Attach your response on a seperate sheet. (150 words or fewer)

A minute more to go. How were we going to make six points in one minute. We perseveered, but that was not enough. The referee blew the whistle; I stood there in disbelief. I could not believe the trophy had just slipped through our hands. I was not devastated , though, because of one lesson basketball has taught me. Basketball has taught me how to lose gracefully.

I began playing basketball at age7, and still spend most of my leisure playing it. I have met the most gregarious and the most choleric people whiles playing basketball. In a game like basketball, one man cannot handle the ball throughout the game. He will definitely get worn out. It takes all the five members of the team to win a game. This ,in other words, is teamwork. Teamwork is one invaluable lesson basketball has taught me,and it works wonders even outside the spheres of basketball.

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