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thesis for 'belonging' essay - barriers which prevents belonging

miss_cupcake 1 / -  
Oct 12, 2009   #1
Hi there,

Here is the question:

How do composers construct perspectives of belonging in texts?

How does the text represent barriers which prevent belonging or choices not to belong?

I need two different theses to show these. Any ideas? (Is it through the use of techniques e.g. alliteration, personification or...?)


EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Oct 13, 2009   #2
You say you "need help," but you seem to mean "want someone to supply the answers." This won't do at all. Post your own attempt to create the two thesis statements first, then we can help you revise them for clarity.
Keng 39 / 134  
Oct 13, 2009   #3
To my view, i will post my essay for revisions because it is the best way to receive feedback to improve the thesis.
Shill0135 - / 4 1  
Feb 16, 2014   #4
How will belonging and participating within a diverse community aid you??

To finish out the thread title... I need help with a scholarship I'm working on... How will belonging and participating within a diverse community aid in the development of your academic, social, and career goals?
learner3051 1 / 2  
Feb 16, 2014   #5
Ughh...essays! I know how you feel. These admission and scholarship essays are the hardest! But don't stress over them, for the more you make a fuss over them, the harder they become. (Speaking from experience)

Well...now answering your question: maybe participating in a diverse community will expand your horizon? You will gain valuable life experience, make lasting friendships and memories.

Ultimately, it depends on you.
What do you value most about diversity? Personally, it amazes me how people who were divided for hundreds of years are now united and actively interacting (if that makes any sense). For example, an authentic French boy, Japanese girl, and a mixed girl are in a room together. Isn't it mind-blowing to think how far globalization has ventured?

Some suggestions:
Socially: you're more open-minded
Academically: more of a well-rounded individual who has walked through the basic aspects of life
Career goals: you have more experience with dealing with people and being part of such a community will make you an ideal 21st century citizen of the world (?)

Good luck.
apinoy 1 / 2  
Feb 18, 2014   #6
How will belonging and participating within a diverse community aid in the development of your academic, social, and career goals?

Hmmmmm, well

I'll speak from my personal experience. Growing up in the Bay Area (California), I've met people from all across the world. That type of diversity certainly opens your mind in a number of different ways.

Academically, I've learned about all kinds of different cultures. From Ethiopian to Syrian. I've learned about peoples' histories and cultures -- which is academic in a sense -- which in turn has opened up my mind intellectually by training me to look at the world objectively, beyond my own cultural restraints which increases the appreciation you have for people, society and even life itself.

For social, you could write about how exposing yourself to different cultures will make you value and understand different types of people. This open-mindedness will get you more friends, and more connections which only means one thing: a better and more fulfilling social life.

In terms of career, living with diversity makes your job easier for you, no matter what your occupation is; learning to accept other cultures is important because it will train you to work with different types of clients/customers/coworkers/bosses. Plus, diversity and globalization is inevitable and has already started so belonging and participating within a diverse community will become an important skill and asset for life in the 21st century.

If you're still having trouble, I recommend looking the question itself or related keywords up on the internet not to copy and paste essays of course (graders will know) but to get a sense of what to write about or where to begin. Its a time-tested strategy that has served me well

Hope that helps, mate!

Good luck!

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