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Thesis Help - I am writing a Paper on the Atomic Bomb For History Clas

Hello everyone,

I am writing a paper (10pages double spaced) on the Atomic bomb - and how the jewish refugees helped the United States create the first nuclear weapon.

My Thesis was:

Because of Hitler's ignorance he allowed the people who could have helped the Nazi's and himself become the most powerful nation in the world to escape from germany. Little did he know these refugess would aid the united states in the development of the Atomic bomb, which would lead to the destruction of the Axis (germany and japan).

I am trying to think of a way to get 10 pages out of that. I am now thinking of something more along the lines of:

How was the first atomic bomb developed
- Jewish Refugees
- Einstien
What atomic bombs have we developed since the creation of the first atomic bomb
- Hydrogen Bomb
- Neutron Bomb
And what effect these bombs had on the world.

Any suggestions on how to put that into a thesis?

THanks in advance!



You've done some good thinking about your paper! I do wonder, though, if you're not getting somewhat off-topic by getting into the later bomb developments and their effects on the world. If that's all right, based on your assignment instructions, then, no problem. But if your paper is supposed to stay focused "on the Atomic bomb - and how the jewish refugees helped the United States create the first nuclear weapon" you might want to concentrate more on the events which led up to the bomb's creation. You could probably find a lot of information on the development of the science (without getting too technical), and the political atmosphere that created the need for the scientists who became refugees to leave Germany. I think perhaps the reason you are having trouble putting your present outline into one cohesive thesis statement is because it's really two different topics.

Give this some thought, and if you still want to go in that direction, I'll see what I can do to help you come up with your thesis. I do think you can get 10 pages out of the original thesis if you concentrate on the events preceding WWII.

Let me know what you think!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
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