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Thesis Statement -- Socrates in Plato's Apology

Prompt: In the Apology, Socrates claims that he is the best kind of citizen. How does he justify this claim? Do you find his argument convincing? Why or why not? Be sure to anticipate counter-arguments and respond to them.

Is this a strong thesis statement (I feel like it is a little general, but I am not sure how to improve it):

Overall, Socrates presents a strong and convincing argument, but due to his pomposity and self-importance he fails to persuade the jury into acquittal, and is sentenced to death.

Things to talk about in the essay:
1. The claims brought against him in court
2. How he responds to these claims
3. How he claims that Athens should be rewarding him (giving him free food)
4. How his argument could have won if he wasn't such an asshole about it

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Oct 25, 2010   #2

ha ha, I like your 'things to talk about in the essay.'

Alright, sounds good. This is a specific thesis, and it is interesting. It will help if you do some detailed analysis of the text.

When you refute the counterarguments (I don't see a number for "refuting the counterargument" on the list of things to talk about), remember that we are discussing Socrates's words as they are written by Plato, who wrote in a particular way for particular reasons.

Do you have any journal articles by authors who support your argument?


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