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Thinking outside the box essay? :) For Upenn

i am applying ed to upenn (ivy league) and im currently working on my why upenn essay and they look for applicants who think ourside the box while writing the essay can u let me know how i can think outside the box? what content should i include in my essay that will really distinguish me? what factors about the school or anything should i mention?

I mean honestly it's all about you. The point of the essay is to bring out who you really are. Think about what makes you unique and write about it. You could do anything from changing the format of the paper, to writing a poem. The whole point is being creative. You should also try to think about a time when you thought outside the box and draw from what you learned there.
Hi Lisandara, first of all, WELCOME to the Essay Forum Family, I hope you find this website helpful and useful to your writing and in addressing each and every prompt you want to tackle.

Withe regards to your, "thinking outside of the box", I believe you can write something that you can really bring to the panel, to the institution that you will become part of. To make things simpler, answer the question, Who am I?

This question can definitely spark a lot of thoughts and ideas that you have in your head
Also, it will do you good if you incorporate at least a paragraph of ideas or things that you can formulate to raise any cause that you want to pursue, it may be academic or social bound.

Furthermore, make your essay interesting as well as entertaining but be careful and make sure that you draw the line between being creative and formal at the same time, the essay should be at its borderline formality as well as observing the playful effects of your ideas that will boost a healthy academic adventure that will hopefully lead you to the greater heights of your career.

I hope to review the essay soon and don't worry if its just a draft, remember, your draft is the start of making it to the final essay and will make you ready to face the panel in this prestigious Ivy League Institution.

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