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Tips on writing UBC Supplemental for Business?

purplemask 1 / -  
Jan 29, 2012   #1
Hi everyone,
My UBC business application is due in a few days. I'm trying to apply to first year. I've been stupid enough to put it off for this long, but I need tips on writing a good supplemental? I know they want us to write something personal, but how do they want us to write it exactly? Do they want an essay format? Or like a story format? And what exactly are they looking for?
unjh4545 4 / 11  
Jan 29, 2012   #2

I think your question is too broad.... If you listed a topic that you have chosen or something like that would be helpful for others to answer your question.

In my case, I have always used my own story for college application essay. (Not a business major) I used story telling format. But, it always isn't a good plan if you don't think you have a good and dramatic story that you can share and attract the reader.

And for supplemental essay, if they ask me why UBC(British columbia?), then I might say that I love the city of Vancouver. (I do love in my real life) And list what I love about vancouver. Also, in my case, I do love snowboarding and all sorts of winter sports (Ice hockey). So, I will say that I love whistler and I know that UBC students can get cheaper bus ticket to whistler and since the Bus leaves from UBC campus, it is always a plus. And for hockey, i would say that Vancouver canucks is my favorite hockey team and being able to go to their home game while at UBC is very exciting...

I don't know whether I answered your question in the way that you've wanted. I hope this helps though.

Please look at my post as well !!
mr_scottyt 1 / 9 1  
Dec 30, 2012   #3
overall common app essay question?

is the general common app essay looked upon as more important than supplemental essays, even if both are required by the school?
i have a prompt asking for a creative essay as a supplement, which i would like to use my general common app essay for (because the general one is better). then i could use a letter to roommate (which i have already written but isnt as strong) as my general.
ldkick 1 / 2  
Dec 30, 2012   #4
If you use the general common app essay for the supplement, the college will receive the same essay twice. Therefore you can't reuse the general essay in the supplements of the common app. You can reuse it if you are applying to a school that doesn't use the common app.

edit- I misread the question. I don't know which is more important.

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