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Transition between paragraphs

myc 4 / 5  
Dec 28, 2006   #1
Is there any other way to smoothy link two paragraghs besides using the insipid transitional phrases, "for example" , "then" , "After", " Also".

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EF_Team2 1 / 1,708  
Dec 28, 2006   #2

That's a question a lot of people have. My feeling on this subject is that transitional phrases are overrated. If the topic or sub-topic you are presenting flows logically from the preceding paragraph, a transition shouldn't be required.

Whether a transitional phrase is needed depends a lot on context. If you are, in fact, going on to present specific examples of an idea presented in the preceding paragraph, "for example," may be appropriate. But did you notice how this paragraph flows naturally from the first one I wrote, without use of a transition? I think the best rule is not to force it; read your paper aloud to see whether it flows easily or sounds awkward.

Of course, if you have one of those instructors who is firmly planted on the transitional phrase soap box, you may have to come up with some more creative ways to use them. Things like, "This can be seen when ..." or "The effect of this was ..." or "In contrast to the above ..." and so forth.

I hope this gives you some workable ideas!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
dsacks 10 / 19  
Dec 30, 2008   #3
Reusing paragraphs for supplements

I am using a paragraph from one of my UC essays for my Common App Short Response. Is it ok to use the whole essay, including the paragraph, for one of the supplements?
Angela629 9 / 86  
Dec 30, 2008   #4
I don't think so. maybe you can use it, but the thing is: from less than 6 writings(just an example), how can you expect the admission officer to know you as much as possible when you are using repetitive essays?
dsacks 10 / 19  
Dec 30, 2008   #5
Very true. Thanks

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