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A Tribute essay to Our Mothers (Mother's Day)

May 25, 2011   #1
I'm writing a tribute essay about mothers and Mother's day. Could you please check my grammar and the flaw of the ideas (essay). The idea of the first paragraph is to talk about the sacrifices our mothers make. The second paragraph will talk about their support during our teenage years and the third will talk about how they create a remarkable leaders for this nation.

So here is the Intro and the 1st paragraph

Do you still remember that proverbial kind of Band-Aids that helped your scraped knee to heal quickly? Well, it was not the kind of Band-aids that helped, but it was your mother's therapeutic kiss. The mother is that important person who sacrifices for you and falls in love with you just when you were a toddler filled with tantrums. She is the person who puts her children's needs over her own. She draws your path to success and supports you to be a leader. A day has been set aside for her on the second Sunday of every May. Unsurprisingly, that day is called "The Mother's Day". To that school where we learn without being taught, to that cave that ends with a warm tenderness, to the sunshine and water for our tree, to those who have carried formidable tasks, carried hardships, but still hold happiness, to no other person in the world, to our mothers.

In the early stages of our life, we cannot forget that person who changed our dippers, stayed late for us and sacrificed with everything she had just for us. The mother's job is anything but easy. She often takes the fallout for the toddler tantrums and the teenage angst. Despite that, she generally loves her children, us, no matter what we do. We learn from our mother's congenital kindness and faith which is stronger than the base of Burj Khalifa that keeps it from falling at that formidable height. We sometimes extol our mother's sacrifices as we were weak sperms and infants, yet, we cannot describe her "real" sacrifices and hardships unless we experience them. For example: Al-Khansa'a was a mother of only three children, however she encouraged them and sacrificed with all of them to liberate Palestine until all of them died. Nonetheless, with full faith, she prayed for all of them to go to heaven. Moreover, mothers always pray for the goodness of her children's life in this world and also what comes after. They care for us as if we are golden treasures that they are eager to protect from harmful humans and incidents. In the middle of the nights, when the world seems unpopulated and when everyone asleep, she remains awake to check our needs when we are sick. And even if she is a weak human being physically, she still manages to gather all her strength and does a lot of works for her children, us. We cannot count every deed our mothers made to let us live better. Before birth, their body was in pain to carry us in their wombs for about nine months. They vomited their food; they suffered from headaches, and felt the weakness of their body every morning. But because they are mothers, they never complain. They make all these sacrifices wholeheartedly without anything in return. Our mother's care is priceless; it has been gifted to us from their tender heart. In spite of all her sacrifices, you still wonder why you need to honour her. Do you remember who worked overtime and did whatever possible to afford your primary's school uniform? Simply the world will not spine without her!

May 25, 2011   #2
Here is the 2nd paragraph:

In the secondary stages of our life, when we first got exposed to the world around us as teenagers, our mothers created the path for us and it was upon us to follow. They are the sunshine and water that nurture our trees. And when sunshine and water combine together, they create the rainbow that lights up our path with sparkling colors. They are the soil that helps our roots to hold rigidly on the path. And the stem that support us during our path in life. Our mothers are those who have established extremely high standards for us so that we always fell mediocre. They teach us forgiveness, and rehearse the lessons of morality over and over again. However, the true value lies not in what they teach us, but how we decide to interpret those lessons in our own life. They are women with exceptional courage, great faith and undeniably spectacular energy. Even the Prophet said "The heaven lies under the feet of the mothers" making them the most parable character on planet earth, who they are. Do you remember the person who was there on the parent-teacher attendance sheet, and may be the only one? Yes, it was your mother. They are the guiding light and inspiration in our path. Although, our mothers snow white heart teaches us forgiveness, it also teaches us on how to be tough too. In other words, helps us to be successful leaders.
May 25, 2011   #3
The 3rd paragraph and conclusion

And finally in our mature stages of life, our mothers encourage and support us, her children, until we become successful leaders. In this stage, we expand our knowledge and experience as adults and finally understand the meaning of our mothers to us, that unconditional relationship. And even if our paths are inscrutable and narrow, their urbane support and smiles helped us to pursue our dreams. For instance, William Wallace was not mistaken when he said "The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world" in his poem about motherhood, because some of our mothers play a significant part in establishing great leaders who rule nations. For example: the president Martin Luther King was taught how to read by his mother before he started school. She also explained to him how the civil war ended with hate among the white and black people. Moreover, Sara Roosevelt helped in the success of her only child Franklin Roosevelt. She made sure that Franklin grew up in an atmosphere of privilege. She was always prepared with something positive about him, and tried to protect him. On the contrary, neither one of us, the children, would prefer to be busy with the politics than from our mothers sophisticated utopian world, where we hope to live until the eternity.

Undeniably, our mothers have taught us lessons of forgiveness, faith and morals. Those lessons need to be taught as a curriculum in schools. Our mothers nurtured, sacrificed and supported us so that we can be who we are today. How can we pay you back? Is it with pounds of flesh similar to Antonio's (From the Merchant of Venice) or with tons of gold alloys from the entire world? Yet undoubtedly, our mother's white heart will beat more with a small hug more than all these perishable "remnants" of this world. How can you pay back the sun and the water for their usefulness? When you could answer this question, which I doubt you could, then you could pay back your mother! Hence, I might have only described a drop in our mother's deep ocean of tenderness, but without that drop the ocean will be less.

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