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Understand the situation & be less judgementl; What concept intellectually excites me

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Sep 29, 2008   #1
What concept intellectually excites you... (500 max.)

We all travel down a path, thoroughly encrusted with speed bumps, throwing those ajar who fail to remain steady on their course. With great despair, it is after that first bump that some coil back in fear. They lose focus, train of thought, perseverance, and most saddening, hope. They say, "The road is too bumpy; I cannot continue." I earnestly respond with "My friend, you are the only person that constrains your capabilities, and ambitions." Then it hits me, the "cycle of poverty." How many of us leave the entanglement of its boundless web. Should I believe in the concept of the "blame the victim" mentality or critically analyze situations that have placed them in inauspicious predicaments.

Many factors lead to the development of the cycle of poverty. With all of these factors, it is amazing how anyone manages to transcend boundaries and rise to success. Society believes that anyone can make it no matter what obstacles. We all want to succeed, but what disadvantages does poverty place upon individuals. Anthropologist Ronald Paul Hill's ethnographic research illustrates the cycle of poverty at a greater depth. He describes our economic situation, and the difficulties of surviving in a material world. It was then that I realized that I should be thankful of how far I have come, and that I would make it my duty to help those enter a cycle of prosperity.

I was in a debate with one of my friends, a republican, who believed that African American children could strive for more. He believes that we are not motivated to excel, hence we place ourselves in the current predicament. In a rebuttal, I asked him a series of questions. He responded with 'yes' to my first set of questions. Do you live with both parents? Do they have college degrees? Do you have a car? Do they make over $100,000? Are you an only child? He responded 'no' to the rest. Does either one of your parents have a criminal record. Do you have a job? Do you work to support your family? Do you know what food stamps are? My last and final question was "Had you given the opposite response for any of my questions, do you still think you would have made it as far as you have today?"

"AP-Yahoo News poll that found one-third of white Democrats harbor negative views toward blacks ď many calling them ... responsible for their own troubles." But wait, there is the Protestant work ethic, "Everyone can make it if he or she tried." Right? Learning about the cycle of poverty intellectually excites me, appalls me, and then saddens me. My question is how are African Americans expected to excel with the pervasive mentality that blacks are in essence, responsible for their own plight. Ignorance is the cause of oppression of people who are poor. My purpose is not to make an excuse, but to try understanding their situation and being less judgmental.

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