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What unique in Soccer and Economics courses? And what inspired you to apply to Union? Supplement

You can include an anecdote that will describe your passion to pursue Economics in Union. When it comes to Soccer, just elaborate on your athletic participation history and specific achievements (if any). I'd recommend to keep the spotlight over Economics rather than Soccer. A brief description of an extracurricular activity is acceptable, but a long and boring text just for soccer could be fatal to your overall presentation.

Jan 6, 2017   #3
Omer, you need to consider the reason that you decided to apply to Union. Was it internet based research? A recommendation from someone attending the university at the moment or a graduate of the university? If none of those factors exist for you, then you can best approach this essay prompt from a motivational response point of view. Look for the common connection between your interests in your chosen major and the programs offered by the university in this field. How does the university mission, vision, objective, or extra curricular offering inspire you to achieve your academic best at Union? This sort of prompt seeks to learn how familiar you are with the university either through its curriculum, notable graduates, or training programs. The inspiration to attend a university has to come from the way that you identify with the teaching method of the university. Does the teaching program gel with your learning style? If it does, then that is one reason why you should really opt to apply to Union.

The reasons that you present for consideration as part of the essay isn't relevant enough to catch the reviewer's attention. In fact, it will be presenting some pretty standard reasons for opting to apply to Union. That will make your application essay just one of the many common content essays that the reviewer will be reading. That is the more obvious response to the essay. You need to present a unique response in order to stand out from the common applications. I am suggesting one way that you can probably do that. I don't suggest following your current topic for presentation in the essay. It isn't going to work very well and will be quite difficult to develop in relation to the prompt requirements.

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