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A university education in the US should / not be free - an argumentative essay start?

Argumentative essay title:
A university education in the US should (or should not) be free and available to all high school graduates in the US.

I need couple of ideas please

Well if it was free, that would be really nice and all but consider the cost of such a thing, many universities survive on tuition fees rather than grants and endowments from the state

So it should be free but it cant be in reality. you can use this against the notion that it should be free to argue that the opposite argument (that it should be free) is a weak argument to begin with.
Try arguing that it should be subsidized or at least capped with some sort of standardization. Imagine how it would be if all schools were the same price? Would the standard of education rise/fall at some schools? Would Ivy League schools cease to be profitable? Some of the smartest people I know are working on their second or third masters or doctorates at unassuming state schools.
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