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Video link to a movie clip under essay

ZRoha 1 / -  
Apr 13, 2020   #1

A quote in the video form

My essay resolves around a particular theme of "discouragment".I discovered this theme after I watched the movie Whiplash.

I start my essay with this movie's quote.Is this a good idea?
Then I explain and give short stories about my life revolving around this theme and also connect my carrier plans/major with the theme.

My doubt is that many people/essay readers might not have seen the movie or even the clip from where I took 2 main points/quotes(one at start of introduction and another at start of conclution)

So to better understand will this be a good idea to give a link to a 2min video that includes the scene from Whiplash as the end of my essay,like a PS note,I guess.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3353  
Apr 14, 2020   #2
The problem with uploading just a clip is that the reader may still be confused by what you mean. The context of the clip could be viewed in several ways, not including your interpretation of it. It may be a better idea to simply describe the scene as it unfolded onscreen so that you can align the clip with your interpretation with regards to the representation needs of your paper. Consider that not everyone will click on an active link even if you point it out to them because of safety and security considerations, so the active link may not work the way you think it will. Since you are writing an essay, stick with what we know will work. That is, people will read what you have to say, but not necessarily watch it. An explanation of the scene might work best. It all depends upon how you connect the scene to your actual writing.

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