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Voyage of discovery English essay - I don't know how to start it

biggirl 2 / 1  
Oct 29, 2008   #1
i have an assignment: write about your " voyage of discovery" in English 100. I have to write in a five paragraph essay with 2 pages. I don't know how to start it . So, anyone can help me?? thank you very much.

Devotion - / 4  
Oct 29, 2008   #2
Is it a subjective essay? You can talk about anything? Well in that case I'm happy to help :D

That title sounds like "a journey where you discover something important". First of all, think of the message you would like to convey to your readers. For example "friends are precious" or "time cannot change your emotions".

Then, start your essay with sentences that are mysterious or moody (well that is my style). I'll give a sample:

Voices are heard everywhere. Some reminds me of my loudspeaker teacher back in high school, while others tends to have a higher pitch. The owners of these vibrant sounds, people, we call them, never seizes to stop. It annoys my auditory senses, occasionally; however such noises are expected in this kind of event.

Some of them are laughing; some are crying. Their children are full of excitement; their minds travel to the sights of beautiful white dresses, black tuxedos and best of all cakes. I hear these people conversing every now and then and attracted diverse responses. The subject, however, was the same. I find it hard not to eavesdrop because of the volume of their voices; and indeed, it is about her. The person I have known since I was six. Sara.

That's the intro. Sorry, I am very bad with fictional essays as I am mediocre when it comes to describing the noises and what not. But you get the idea right? Then you go on and say how you discovered that message. My sample was to convey the message "Time does not change your feelings for that special person" but I only wrote the beginning. I would go on to talk about her wedding day (which IS the setting I used), the groom, the people's expressions and reactions to the wedding.

The climax would be the bride's situation and her expressions, of course. She's the star :D. Then I'd go on with what I felt during the officiation (It will definitely be very emo) and how I thought I convinced myself that I was not affected by her 10 years ago. Then I will let my main to converse with the bride to torture him even more :D Then in the end...well uh, I'll throw in something emo like Sara smiled. However as she does so, watery substances began flowing from her eyes, and it reddened a little. Was it tears? Before I could open my mouth, Sara blinks while smiling and spoke with a sigh, "You are 15 minutes too late."

Please excuse my emo-ness xD. I hope that helps. You can end your story differently, like using the monologue device to describe your character's thoughts.

Good luck!
EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Oct 29, 2008   #3
Good afternoon.

What events or experiences are most memorable for you out of this class?

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