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Have you ever wanted to know something that you did not know? Inquiry Essays

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Mar 27, 2006   #1
Have you ever wanted to know something that you did not know? An inquiry essay tells the reader something. This type of essay is sometimes called an analysis or evaluation essay. Inquire is to seek to find an answer to something you did not know or wanted to know more information about.

What do you know about the topic? What do you want to know about the topic? What do you know about the topic that the audience does not know? Make a list of things you know about the topic, and then make a list of things you would like to know. The next step is to research the topic for things you do not know. When writing an inquiry essay it is important to do a thorough research. What is important about the topic? Why does the audience want to read the essay? Asking yourself questions will lead to finding answers that will be used as evidence in the body of the essay.

The inquiry essay begins with an idea or a topic, and then summarizes the information you learned about the topic. Once you research the topic the next step is to make an outline. Write an introduction using a statistic, fact, anecdote, or questions that grab the heart of the reader to want to know more. The thesis statement should show the reader where he is going as he reads the essay. The thesis tells the purpose of the essay. The thesis is a short roadmap defining the information in the inquiry in a sentence. What is the objective of this essay?

Think about the audience that will be reading the inquiry essay. What do they know about the topic? What do you want them to learn? Do they know the basic concepts and terminology of the topic? What is the focus of the essay? The answers to these questions should be written in the body of the essay with supporting evidence. Use personal experience plus information from the research to clarify the information that is important. Give background information on the topic so it will be clear to the audience where you are going with the essay.

Remember writing an essay is more than just quoting information. It needs to have a strong argument that allows the audience to see why the topic is so important. The introduction of an inquiry essay briefly describes any unknown terms to the audience.

Ask questions as you write the essay. Questions pull the audience into the essay as they begin to think about the questions and what they already know. Some of the questions do not need to have answers. They are there to draw the interest of the reader. Many questions can be answered with evidence from the research or material that you may be analyzing.

The inquiry essay should have quotes coming from the research. Are there any statistics on the topic? Are there any famous people who talked about the topic? What are some interesting facts about the topic? Quotes are important as evidence to support the thesis. Always use citations so the audience will know where the information came from originally.

Read the essay out loud when you begin to proofread it. Listen for mistakes in grammar or spelling. Check for mistakes in the flow of the essay. Do you need transitions? Have you provided evidence that supports the thesis? Have you provided enough information so the audience understands the inquiry? A few minutes reading an essay will make a difference in how well it is written.


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