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My worst birthday party (descriptive words / topics essay ideas)

Sep 26, 2010   #1
My teacher has assigned me to write a descriptive writing in which I should describe my family gathering around the table during my 14th birthday party. I need to describe at least 3 family members around it. I have to use all the senses. The problem is, I don't know how to start it.

I would really appreciate it , if someone could give me an idea of how I should start my descriptive piece of work.

Thank you.

Sep 26, 2010   #2
Was there any moment during your 14th birthday party that particularly struck you or you still laugh about, or has become part of the family history? If there is, I would suggest starting with that.
Sep 26, 2010   #3
Well, its a fiction . Here is how I planned it:

1.everyone gathered around the table, classical music playing at the background, brown classical styled furniture.

2. My father talking about politics with my brother while my mother talking to her friends and my grandma about shopping. Basically everyone forgets about me except for my grandfather who is swinging on the chair next to me with a bottle of whisky in his hand and whispering "wise" advice half soberly.

and then there is aunt Hilda who just came to our house to eat, you could see that on her face.

Here is how I started

It was a wonderful morning on February the 20th followed by a very awkward evening where most of my family ended up sitting around the table and me being at the head of it, yes it was my fourteenth birthday.

A person at the head of the table would be expected to be the main target on which the guest would focus on, but that wasn't the case. It seemed that everyone was in a different world.

I need help with describing the atmosphere around the table, please help.
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Sep 29, 2010   #4
Let's not use wonderful. It is a silly word.
Let's be more specific:

It seemed that everyone was in a different world.---- good writing!!
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