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How to write an personal essay about against the criticism against gaming in general?

motwera 1 / 1  
Jan 11, 2014   #1
I have been trying to find a good topic to present for the personal essay, at a Canadian highschool, the teacher told us to make a personal essay presentation and a written component about it, that may sound easy, but I have been struggling to where I begin for a good option to present the essay, in addition to for a good written component of it

Looking at that particular topic, I found out that the media seem to really hate violence in video games, as an excuse to downgrade the reputation of video games, while violence in other media is almost the same or worse, including the controversial guy (Jack Thompson) who ranted and tried to do everything that could affect video games in a negative manner without considering those who play violent video games, and how it may affect those who play it, verses those who have heard about it. In addition, it seems that most who blame video games are the mainstream media, with the usual bandwagon and money cashing to paint a negative and un-supportive image of video games as whole.

Teacher's instructions:
A creative format to demonstrate the elements of a personal essay. You must create a unified argument, exploring a thesis in a presentation format. The presentation should be approximately 2-4 minutes.

- Civil disobedience is a powerful force of social change, but is breaking the rules acceptable in order to change the rules we disagree with? ( Persuasive)

The written component should include an identification and explanation of:

- Thesis (either stated or implied; not necessarily at the beginning of the essay)
- Tone
- Audience
- Purpose
At least 3 stylistic/literary/rhetorical devices (you may use metaphors two or three times but it will only count as one literary device)
- Rant
- Lost Generation Palindrome video
- The Story of Stuff
- Podcast (both audio and visual)
- Visual/Photo Essay
- Song/Video , Songshadow (Parody)
- Bitstrip or Comic_Life (Comic and audio)
- Analogy Speech (comparing abstract ideas to tangible ideas, ex. Society to Perfect Recipe)
- A topic of your choosing (to be approved by your teacher)
KhanhZ 5 / 131 7  
Jan 13, 2014   #2
Hi Mohhamed,
I'll just throw in some ideas for you.
First of all, a very important principle of logic is that correlation is not causation. Violence can be correlated with playing video games, but that doesn't mean it causes it. You can try searching for the experiments and research studies conducted on this matter.

Secondly, acclaimed books and movies used to be a source of hot debates, regarding the causes of violence or other negative effects as well. For example, a novel by Goethe Sorrow of Young Wurther caused numerous suicides by young people who were deeply impressed with the book. You can find loads of other examples on the Net. It is basically the matter of how you interpret the message of the game.

If you got some specific questions, throw them in here.

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