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How to write a descriptive story about an apartment.

Think about describing everything without being so direct. Consider not just sight, but smell, touch, hearing, etc. For example, if I am to describe a hot day, I should actually try NOT using the words HOT, HEAT, WARM, etc. I would write... The taste of salty sweat is the only liquid I can experience. If only I had an ice-cold, refreshing water or lemonade to quench my thirst. My shirt is drenched and my skin feels like it is melting.

So, if I am to describe an apartment, I must first consider what kind of person lives in the apartment. Male or female? Neat or messy? Smart or not? etc. Let's say the character is a slob. I would write... It's like I have walked into an infection. How can anyone survive the pungent odor of rotten fruit that hasn't been touched in days? Even the clothes have turned sour and have taken over the entire house. The wallpaper, while it may have once been in tact, is now torn and faded. I hear the bathtub leaking "drip...bloop...drip....bloop....drip" and want to vomit when I see the brown-stained sink covered in multiple layers of black tiny facial hair.


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Dear Aminah ,

An apartment is an object....your essay must be descriptive ..you may write in based on your imaginery or if you are living in an apartment...talk about the reality he structure of the buliding ? The unique of the buliding and so on

Use WH question : What the apartment look like ? Location ? what you like the most ?

Please access these links :

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Enjoy writing ...


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