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How to write an essay on my goals for the school year / education importance

doraly 1 / -  
Feb 25, 2010   #1
i need to write a 5 paragraph essay on what are my goals for the school year and what do i need to improve in i had all fs but i want to show how im improving.
gacesaa 6 / 10  
Feb 25, 2010   #2
first ask yourself what are your goals? because you have 5 paragraph essay to do, you need at least 3 goals.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Feb 26, 2010   #3
Great advice, Aleksandar!

Yes, so you can tart by writing a topic sentence about each goal. Then, add an example and some elaboration to each topic sentence, so that each becomes a paragraph about a goal.

Then, go back and write an intro paragraph of 4-5 sentences to explain the theme and philosophy for your education at this point in life. End that intro with a thesis statement that names the 3 goals.

Write a conclusion paragraph that discusses the 3 goals thoughtfully and goes on to discuss your future a little. Really enjoy writing this, because it is a meaningful thing to do!!

Google this: how to write a five paragraph essay
comet2000 10 / 48  
Feb 26, 2010   #4
what are you main goals for the upcoming year? what do you plan on doing that will be different? i how do you plan on passing your classes?

just some of the questions you can ask yourself.
megha 7 / 13  
Feb 26, 2010   #5
actually for 5 paragraph essay will need first introduction (you can think of writing about your nature plus your goal)with thesis statement.
2nd ,3rd, 4rth paragraph will contain about your goal

then you will go with conclusion.
jenniy88 - / 2  
Oct 22, 2010   #6

nishabala 4 / 91  
Oct 23, 2010   #7
Start by writing down what you want to do with your future, whatever it is. Then think about what courses and subjects you can use to get there, and write that down. Then think about WHY the courses you picked will help you.

Your first sentence can be what you like about what you want to do; like if you want to be a teacher, you can talk about how you enjoy influencing children and making them better people. Then go on to say that to make this work, you want to be a teacher.

Hope this helped:)
jenniy88 - / 2  
Oct 25, 2010   #8
thank you so much it help a lot
klatz238 4 / 27  
Oct 25, 2010   #9
Hi Poster,
In addition to the above, i suggest you search for samples on google, it will help you a lot in starting better. Also you need to be know that your plan must be unique and your goal must worth it. It should be well stated in a logical form to meet up with certain standards. Remember you are writting to convince them that you are the perfect candidate for the programme you are applying for.

I hope i made a point.
yloot 5 / 23  
Oct 25, 2010   #10
think about your goals and write them not with trite sayings,write them as it sounds in your head.
if you cant write anything start by saying
In 10 years i see myself as....
after writing the draft you can rephrase and make a more original paragraph
nanoudaniels - / 2  
Sep 25, 2011   #11
How to start? - My goal and the importance of a college education in attaining goals.

i need help to write my essay about my goal, i m interesting in International Business and also Criminal Justice. i don t who to begin it or to close it.
Paul Jo 6 / 29  
Sep 26, 2011   #12
First of all, you definately have to mention why are you interested in the subject, and what entices you to learn it.

If the essay is the university supplement, it's also better to talk someting unique about the college, such as its courses and curricula.

Although it's written so clumsily, my essay can be a little help.

Take a look at my why Uchicago essay.

It's a closed thread, so you may not be able to put any post.

nanoudaniels - / 2  
Sep 27, 2011   #13
were do i hv to go? can u give me something to being please

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