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How to write a good scholarship essay about career & educational goals for accounting

I'm going to be entering college as a freshmen this coming fall and I am working on scholarships to get extra money for tuition. I need help with coming up with ideas for career and educational goals for an essay. I want to major in accounting because I am pretty good at it. I just need help with getting started with ideas.

1st scholarship prompt: Write an essay describing your career and educational goals. (one page limit)
2nd scholarship prompt: Write a paragraph including your personal goals and explain what you can give to the community. (100 word limit)
3rd scholarship prompt: Write a few paragraphs concerning your career and educational goals.
4th scholarship prompt: future educational plans and occupational interests and goals.

Please help!


for an intro, try starting as:
entered college with the aim of majoring in accounting. I have achieved this goal and am looking forward to also achieving my goal in terms of getting my CPA license and starting my own accounting business. Of course, this path will not be an easy one and there will be challenges to face along the way. I do, however, believe that if I keep my eye on my goal and work towards it, even with obstacles in my way, I will be able to achieve my goal and make a better life for my family and myself.

One of the challenges I will face along the way is employment. I currently have a part-time job as a junior accountant at a bookstore. I took this work in order to help me pay form my tuition. Although my father does help with my expenses, he cannot cover all the costs of my studies and accommodation. There are also textbooks and transport to think about, in addition to my daily needs such as food and my monthly expenses such as rent. While it helps greatly to have a part-time job, this is challenging to my energy levels and my ability to put...

visit this for help where i think you can find points:

When you write your request letter, be clear and concise. Use a Standard or Indented Block Style layout. As
always, make sure your letter is well written and free of grammatical errors.
how to write:
st Paragraph: Introduce yourself by stating your educational background and career goals. Reveal how
you got their name and contact information. Explain your intentions for writing and indicate you are
requesting an informational interview.
nd Paragraph: Outline the issues and questions you have and wish to discuss with him or her at your
meeting. If you are enclosing a resume, state that it is for informational purposes only.
Closing Paragraph: Indicate assertively that you will call at a specific day and time to schedule an
appointment. Inform her or him of your contact information, unless you enclosed a resume. Type and sign
your name.
you also see these instructions, helpful:
Write out a list of goals before you begin, such as a salary range you desire or a specific company you want to work for. The more you understand about your career goals, the easier it will be to write the paper. A short-term goal, for example, is something that can be accomplished within a few months or a year. Long-term career goals generally take longer, perhaps five to 10 years. Once you have completed your list, you can group the goals in order of when you want to accomplish each one.

Identify the resources you need to accomplish your career goals. For example, a career goal of finding an entry level position can be attained by using resources such as your university's career center. To find the educational requirements needed for each career, utilize databases such as the Occupational Outlook Handbook, which is offered through the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Contact companies on your goals list to gather information about education or experience required to work there. This will enable you to map out a clear action plan.

Introduce your goals paper. In the introduction, discuss why you are writing the goals paper and include some information about how you completed the research needed to write it. For example, if you contacted the company you want to work for as part of your research, you can include a quote from an influential person within the company. Some background about your education and career to date can also be helpful in the introduction, particularly as it relates to your goals.

Add a section for your short-term career goals. Each goal can be included in its own paragraph. Discuss the goal and how you plan to accomplish it, as well as the time frame you expect it will take to accomplish each short-term goal.

Include a section for your long-term career goals. Again, include relevant information for each goal in its own paragraph. Determine if additional education is needed, and define a time frame for accomplishing long-term goals. These paragraphs might be longer than those in your short-term goals section.

Write about the process of completing the career goal narrative paper in the concluding paragraph. Discuss what you learned while writing the paper and how you feel about accomplishing your career goals.

you can see this... may be my research solely for you is helpful... :)
Aug 27, 2013   #3
i've been ask to write an essay about my career goals..but i'm stuck..

i am stuck with how i should start my introduction
Aug 27, 2013   #4
Well, it depends on what your career goals are.

If I were writing an essay about my career goal of becoming an astronaut, I might begin as follows:

Since early childhood, I've been fascinated with astronomy.

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