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what to write an essay about "Hope"

Jul 24, 2011   #1
topic: write a personal narrative essay about hope.give many, many specific descriptive details. You man also use other techniques, such as comparison illustration, example, or even argument, if appropriate.

Is it mean that i don't need to write personal narrative essay. I can write it like a information essay.

I'm going to write like this.

1.Introduction - explain hope

2. Hope gives us motivation

3. Hope makes us not give up easily in in hard situations

4. Hope supporting our life


Are they are good points? please give me more ideas and how to improve it

Thank you

Jul 24, 2011   #2
Be sure to give examples of hope in each situation. Might I suggest the recent Norway bombings as an example?
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Jul 26, 2011   #3
No, don't do it that way. It's not an essay about hope. It's a story about hope. A narrative is a story.

Google this: how to write a narrative essay

You should think of a story about a time you had an experience with hope.

You can start like this:

I learned about hope when I was...________ (Where were you?)

Jul 29, 2011   #4
thanks for the suggestions.
I'm agree with you, i should change my essay to a narrative.

here is the introduction

I learned about hope after I heard my uncle's story. Someone who has hope will usually continue hoping, although the present gives them no reasons to believe in a good outcome. Hope makes us believe that our goal will be success one day. It makes us have more motivation to achieve our goal. It is a great support which makes us not give up easily, because it makes us believe that all the problems will be better and can be solved. Hope finds out bright lines even in utmost darkness. It lets one to think miracles even in impossible situations. If one cuts off hope, it ultimately cuts off life. Hope makes our life have more motivation to continue and carry on in hard situations.

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