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I want to write a perfect essay about myself to go to USA

ii want to go to USA and my only chance is to write an essay about my self i tried hard but i want a perfect essay so i can win and go to USA so plz help me

am iraqi 19 yers old born in iraq in baghdad i have two sisters one is older than me and one is smaller an i stayed in iraq for only 7 years and then left to yemen which is another arabic country and i stayed in yemen antel now

am studying civil engineering and now am in the 3rd year

this was alittle information about my self i hope u can help me

Oct 27, 2008   #2
hi Danny,

Am responding on an impulse - you'll get a better response from the moderator soon!

The most interesting part of you is your own life-story. What ever it is you are trying to win, essaywise, things which happened with you, while you were in Iraq, why you moved, your journey there, adjusting to life in Yemen, were people accepting of you there? What about your relatives and friends who stayed back in Iraq? What did they experience?

While the American army occupied your land, fought against Iraqi men, children and women did not escape the consequences. You saw it all, or much of it. Later you heard what is happening in your country. What are the people thinking about their future? What is the future of education there?

Get to the center of this - and express the story. It should be an amazing one. No doubt about it !
Good evening.

I agree with Rajiv's comments. The purpose of an autobiographical essay is to tell a story, a piece of you, if you will, about your life. Think about something extraordinary (by your standards, not anyone else's) that has happened to you, and write about it. It could be something you saw, something that you were a participant in, something that made you stop and think, something that influenced your life and changed the way you will think about something forever.

Whatever the subject is, the important thing is that it is your story about you, and that you are in the middle of it. You might not think that you've had any outstanding things happen to you in your life, but I'll bet you that someone else will!

Moderator, EssayForum.com
Oct 29, 2008   #4
Oh and, one thing good about writing something that you experienced is that you not only know it, but live it! That alone gives you inspiration to describe the strings of events from a seemingly paradoxical (it is paradoxical because your readers may feel that your experience is absurd, yet you have gone through it!) point of view.

Also, let me point out that there is no "perfect" essay. Every essay has its flaws, but sometimes it is because of the flaws that makes the essay unique.

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