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how to write a reflection essay on working?

ayida365 7 / 33  
Oct 24, 2010   #1
I need to write a reflection essay on my work in the farm. It's about 3-5 pages.
I worked once in the farm. At that time, I mainly picked tomatoes, observed the animals, and got attacked by a large spider. I think I can write about "there are so many bugs on the tomatoes, implying the tomatoes are organically grown and healthy"(sounds silly...:( )and how the animals moved, ate, and rest.

However, I don't know what I can reflect about. Should I write about the farm is using organic food production process, treating animals/vegetables well, and therefore the food are healthy and good for people? Should I write that we should be friend with animals(and I shouldn't be scared of bugs any more)? Or people in the farm are so kind and warm-hearted, and when I got to the farm, I became lighthearted, too, because the scene was beautiful and the air was clean(that demonstrate that good environment is beneficial to people?)?

Why they all sound so silly?...
And, how should the structor be like?
I've never written a reflection essay and really need your advice. Thank you!
RyanVi16 12 / 91  
Oct 24, 2010   #2
A reflect essay shows what you learn and your feelings toward what you learned.
OP ayida365 7 / 33  
Oct 25, 2010   #3
Thank you, RyanVi16!

I just got prof's full writing assignment instruction today. It's like that:
"...what I'm looking for is really deep reflection upon your experience...I'm hoping you think deeply and thoroughly about your life, where you are, and what this opportunity meant to you as a person, a member of a community, and a global citizen."

So I think it's hard for me to relate my picking tomatoes and getting attacked by spiders experiences to those deep thoughts. How should I do?
RyanVi16 12 / 91  
Oct 25, 2010   #4
yes you can... you can make an anecdote like you named one of the spiders or something XD

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