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How to write a research paper on Toni Morisson the bluest eyes

Carpe diem 1 / 1  
Mar 9, 2020   #1
Need help to write a research paper on Toni Morisson the bluest eyes dealing with children relationship

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3353  
Mar 10, 2020   #2
You can start by figuring out what your motivation is for this research topic. What is it about Toni Morrison that attracts you to learn more about this person? Once you figure that out, you can consider what the objective of your paper will be. What do you want your reader to know about Toni? Why is it important that the reader learn these information? What use does this information have in your line of study? From there, you can outline what specific information you will be delving into for the research paper and how you plan to complete the research. Maybe indicate what you hope to achieve or learn about Toni by the end of your research.

It is difficult for me to give more specific advice because you did not provide enough information regarding what class this is for, what the specific research parameters of the professor is, and other similar information. The advice I gave above should be a good start for you though. Best of luck with your paper.
OP Carpe diem 1 / 1  
Mar 10, 2020   #3
Thanks indeed Sir for your valuable info and reply to my questions, as I said I have a research paper to be written on Toni Morisson's The bluest eyes for my BA graduation, I have to deal with the protagonists of the novel in relation with other children that is to say the children Theme. It is ambiguous for me and I don't have any clear ideas from where I should start. I have first of all to write an outline of my research paper. There is another thing to consider that I have the choice to deal with any interesting factors or devices in the novel besides children relationship in the story. it is hard for me to find pure useful academic material about Toni Morisson's the bluest eyes in the net. Thanks a million

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