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How to write a research proposal on smart port development?

phuongthao19 1 / 1  
Mar 10, 2020   #1

Ideas on research writing

Currently, I need to write a research proposal as a required document to apply for a master's scholarship. My topic is the development smart port in Vietnam. I have difficulty for this topic. I need some suggestion from you to help me to create more effective on my research.

Thank you.

ainurasone - / 1 1  
Mar 10, 2020   #2
What about researching other countries experience in this and how can you emulate and improve it for your country
OP phuongthao19 1 / 1  
Mar 11, 2020   #3
I wrote an abstract for my research proposal, can you read it and give me a comment?

Tittle: The development of smart port in Vietnam.


Marine economy is an important driving force contributing to the growth and competitiveness of the economy. Therefore, concentrating resources for investment and development of ports are becoming a priority in the socio-economic development strategy in many countries. Especially in recent years, countries are stepping up the construction and development of a smart port model based on the outstanding scientific and technological achieved from the 4th industrial revolution. However, so far there is no formal concept of this model. Depending on the development situation of each country, they build their own model of smart port. Therefore this research will analyzed the development situation and proposed appropriate solutions to build and develop smart ports in Vietnam.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3353  
Mar 11, 2020   #4
What you wrote is not an abstract. An abstract has to represent: motivation, problem statement, approach, results, and conclusions. The abstract is basically written using the writer's assumption about the situation presented. .. The abstract you are presenting does not qualify as one because you are only telling the reviewer the story of a problem. What is obvious is that you do not have any idea what your project will actually be about, why you want to research that topic, and what benefits your country might gain from this research. You better do some preliminary research on the topic before you revise the abstract. You do not seem to understand how to write one. You should use online information regarding how to properly develop and abstract. It is easily found on Google.
Ulaai 3 / 40 25  
Mar 12, 2020   #5
What major are you applying to? You are expected to have done your own research on the program and at least know what you will be learning, especially because you have such a specific topic which is smart port. To begin with, you have to understand well:

- what smart port is
- the importance of smart port
- the importance of having smart port in Vietnam
- the methodology you will use for developing smart port models
- expected outcome of the research

which isn't found in your abstract yet. Abstract is supposed to be a summary of your whole research. If you have written bachelor thesis / research paper before, the experience should help you to develop a better abstract. What you have now shows your lack of specific knowledge related in your knowledge. Read more papers, recent publications or article to know the trends on smart port to gain knowledge and terminology that you can use on your abstract. Also, marine is not the same as maritime (as you wrote, "marine economy"). Be careful with this. Always research first.
validator111 - / 3  
Mar 18, 2020   #6
What about to start with a structure of essay? Use google to create a "skeleton" of your paper work, create a question for each paragraph and answer them. It would be much easier to complete it.

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