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How to write an essay in World Poverty - answering some questions

Jan 5, 2017   #1
I need to write a 10 pages research paper on

"World poverty"

Can someone please suggestion some guidelines what to write since the subject is so broad.

Or direct me where to seek for it..

I was thinking to answer some questions such as;

What is poverty?
What caused world poverty?
How to eliminate poverty?
The future?

Any suggestions are appropriated !!!
Jan 6, 2017   #2

This is a great article from The Economist. It talks about eradicating global poverty and it provides some statistics that can strengthen your research paper. Because "global poverty" is so broad, it's good to include some occurrences/examples in the world where poverty is prominent. Hope this helps a little.
Holt [Contributor] 1506  
Jan 6, 2017   #3
Jimi, the topic of "World Poverty" is too broad for a 10 page essay. Hasn't your professor advised you to narrow down your topic yet? It is important that you lessen your discussion field in order for you to properly be able to assess the relevant information that you need for the essay. "World Poverty" isn't something that can be discussed in 10 pages. Rather, it is something that requires a masters degree thesis to even introduce as a topic. I strongly suggest that you narrow down your research topic to represent a more narrowed down research paper. Please refer to:

Joseph Rowntree Foundation 100 Questions: identifying research priorities for poverty prevention and reduction

online as a possible aid in narrowing down your research topic. It offers you a series of discussion questions to be responded to in the research you will be doing. That means that your topic will not only be narrowed down, but you will also have a series of guide questions to help you get started with your research.

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