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How to write an essay about yourself ?

Menchie 2 / 3  
Apr 12, 2011   #1
hi !

I'm just new here and i wanna get some ideas on how to write an essay about yourself because i've been having a hard time to write an essay because i'm not that good in english.can some help me please ? we have an assignment about this, the teacher instruct us to write an essay about yourself ,3o things about yourself.

can someone help me or give some ideas ?
adikako - / 1  
Apr 12, 2011   #2
First, Do an Introduction about yourself. This will be your Thesis. ( you tell your reader what you are going to tell them)
Follow by " 3 things you like. example: do you like sport , music , anything you like to do.
Point 1. You tell them what you like. (sport)
Point 2. You tell them ( personality)
Point 3. You tell them ( dislike)
Make sure you support your point.
Lastly,conclusion . Again, you tell them what you told them.

I hope this make sense. When you follow these steps and you will have essay about yourself. Myself, follow these steps and I get better and better each day. Above, step is from my English/Writing Tutor so I am passing it to you.
OP Menchie 2 / 3  
Apr 12, 2011   #3

thank you so much :) i'll try to follow the steps you gave to me.
Noman pnt - / 1  
Apr 14, 2011   #4
How many words good essays have?
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Apr 14, 2011   #5
Hi Menchie, let's see something you write! I look forward to seeing what you can do. A lot of people improve their skill and make friends here. Welcome to EssayForum! :-)

This makes it easy: Start every paragraph with a TOPIC SENTENCE that tells the IDEA OF THE PARAGRAPH.
Every idea gets a paragraph. Know what I mean? It's easy.

You can have one big theme that you keep referring to, a theme for the whole essay. Express that in the first and past paragraph.

Just make a powerful presentation of yourself. Open up the floodgates of your creativity.
jamaal6 - / 1  
May 4, 2011   #6
hi,my name is frank strong,my reason for attending college is i would love to advance my eduacation to become a more productive personim not looking at the making of the money,its about the wonderfull carreeer i would be getting out of this to make my life better,to be able to accomplish what life has to offer you.im attending college because of the learning experience that i would be getting out of going to college,ive got the same attitude i had when i was in high school and that is with GOD all things are possible in life its what you put into it,its all about an eduacation,the learning experience of different ideas,this is my first year of college,ive never done this before,im a full time student,im taking child care developement at american public university system
Newwriter 1 / 4  
May 12, 2011   #7
Hi Menchie!

Let me recomend you a very good book called: 50 successful college Admision Essays. There are 50 examples of admision essays. the books explains how to avoid making mistakes and it also offers a while colection of opinions from different colleges , professors regarding essays writing.

If you are interested, i can send you my email in order to provide you with some examples from the book.

Warm regards
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
May 14, 2011   #8
hi,my name is frank strong,my reason for attending college is i would love to advance my eduacation to become a more productive personim not looking at the making of the money,its about the wonderfull carreeer i would be getting out of this to make my life better,to be able to accomplish what life has to offer you.

This is a little too simplistic. I think it is too obvious, because anyone could say the same thing. It is better if you get very specific about a goal you have for the future. What do you want to achieve in the world? What are you all about? That is what I think the reader is most interested in.

I'll fix some of the grammar below:
Hi, my name is Frank Strong, and my reason for attending college is a desire to advance my education and become a more productive person. I am not motivated by the desire to make money. It's about the wonderful career I would be getting out of this -- to make my life better, to be able to accomplish what life has to offer me.

sweet_sabah 1 / 3  
May 17, 2011   #9
hi Menchie,I suggest you to give a very good starting and a good ending to your essay....in between you can always fill in something about yourself using the suggestions given by others,hope this helps
omo5031 8 / 33  
Feb 3, 2012   #10
More about you - Oxford College Emory survey questions?

After appying to oxford emory, I got a mail that I needed to fil out a survey. I have absoutely no idea on what to do. I'm not sure if its supposed to be in form of an essay or what not. I would really appreciate if anyone can please give me suggestions. These are the prompts.

Which question do you wish we had asked in the admission process and why?
What quality about yourself would you most like to see flourish during your time at Oxford and how do you see Oxford supporting that growth?

Thanks in advance, i promise i will return the help.
arianna_muv 8 / 15  
Feb 8, 2012   #11
You should probably write it in an essay format; does it give you a word limit?
adoyta 1 / 2  
Feb 8, 2012   #12
I'd also go with a narrative essay
Babbie419 1 / 6  
Jul 9, 2017   #13

Personal statement Prompt "Tell us more about you and why you are considering vcu"

Please help me figure out how to actually sell myself in this essay. I don't know if I my start with " my name is Barbara and I love reading" etc

How do I catch the readers attention with the first paragraph talking about myself. Please add a sample so I can better understand. Thank you
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,280 3982  
Jul 10, 2017   #14
Consider the time when you first came to learn about VCU, what made you decide that this would be the right place for you to begin your out of the country education? Write those reasons down on a separate page. Now, think about who you are in terms of the way your countrymen and relatives see you. Do you like the way they perceive who you are or not? List down your qualities as a person that you feel are your strengths. Then try to connect it to your interest in VCU. How does VCU connect with your idea of your personal development? The combination of these individualized information will create the representation of who you are in relation to your interest in VCU. You don't need to overthink things. Just focus on 2 things, why you believe you can succeed at VCU and how VCU can help you develop as a person. Then say that these are the information that you considered when you began to seriously consider attentind VCU.
d2ny 12 / 39  
Jul 13, 2017   #15
Try to sell yourself with your achievements (if there is any). Also, universities and scholarships like people who are active in organizations since they can help the candidate polish their leadership skills.

If you do not have achievements, you can talk about your qualities as a person. Being diligent, able to finish your study on time, love writing and join lots of writing competitions, those are some examples of qualities that you can use to compel the reviewer about your strengths.

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