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Writing about a troubling issue, which is the shyness in my case

Describe a problem you have solved or a problem you would like to solve. It can be an intellectual challenge, an ethical dilemma-anything that is of personal importance, no matter the scale. Explain its significance to you and what steps you took or that could be taken to identify a solution.

this is my topic. i decided to write on shyness because thats the only problem i could think of to be honest. any help with the introduction?

i will post my sample essay by tomorrow until then i just need help with the introduction thats all.


Hello, i will give you suggestion and i hope it will help you

I think, if you want to explain about shyness, it will difficult to understand and explain. I suggest you to take a problem in your hometown, such as hygiene problems or educational problem. It more good for college essay. After that give your own opinion what should other people to solve same problem.

Firstly, Explain your main idea in introduction and what the points which is want to explain.
Secondly, Body : Explanation about that problem, how to solve, and write suggestion for other about the same situation in daily activities.
The last : write down your conclusion about your essay.
Nov 20, 2016   #3
Khadija, is shyness a personal problem that you have experienced and resolved? If it is not, then do not use that as the topic for your essay.. The prompt is asking you to do a self evaluation or an observation of the world around you. An example of an ethical challenge would be if you were asked to disobey the honor code of your school in favor of friendship with a person. Or, for the intellectual challenge, maybe you have a question about your life that you are seeking a response to. Something along the lines of "Why was i born I have to die eventually?" You don't have to provide a solution to the question you opt to discuss if you have yet to learn to the answer to it or you can present the solution you found if you have already experienced and resolved it. Don't forget to explain the lesson you learned from the situation in that case. You have to think of a question that you have a personal connection to because the aim of the essay is to show the reviewer the side of you that ponders about things and how it affects you. Consider this the analytical interview you would have had in person if you got a final interview for your application, but for now are limited to discussing on paper.
Nov 20, 2016   #5
Khadija, it would be best if you tell us what your personal problems might be that you would like to write about. You can also include any personal problems that you have resolved or are trying to find a solution to. It will be difficult for us to help you find a problem or ideology to write about because we do not personally know you and we are not allowed to write the essay for you. Since you will have to write this essay yourself, it would be best if we can suggest a topic for you to write about that is based on your personal experience. Your familiarity with the situation or problem is what will allow you to better discuss and represent yourself in the essay. Can you tell us why you opted to write about shyness before? Maybe we can help you develop a topic based upon that choice of yours. Maybe you were bullied in a certain manner in school or in an activity that you love doing? Tell us whatever comes to your mind and we will try to find a way to spin it in response to the prompt.

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