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Access denied and password change question

When I open essayforum.com on my computer, it shows "Access Denied" on the first/home page.

I know I got suspended by not reading the Rules carefully.

Will I ever get my access back to the site?


Access Denied! - Can I know the reason? Is it possible for this to be removed?


I just joined this forum a few days ago and frankly speaking, I'm still very confused about the rules. Today I realised I could not access forum categories (esp Undergraduate Admissions) even though I can access individual threads.

Can I know the reason why I'm suspended? To be honest, I don't really remember posting anything before today, although it is not entirely impossible that I posted something and forgot about it.

Is it possible to remove this suspension?

If it's not, I would appreciate if I would at least know the reason. Thanks alot.
One of the three reasons:

1. You or someone else published the same essay on another website (we don't allow essays posted elsewhere to be posted here again). And we do check each and every essay posted.

2. You posted useless message/s in other students' threads in order to post a new thread.

3. You failed to follow the topic title rules: Good Topic Subjects.

Is it possible to remove this suspension?

What is the username?
Hello Sheena,
There is a button at the top right corner of the screen that says "Profile / Transactions." You just click on the "Profile" link and it should take you to your profile where you can change your password. Hope this helps.

Rosemari Malu :)

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