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Can I Get Advice on a Good Writing Schedule to Complete my Thesis Paper?

Blair_K 4  
May 11, 2015   #1

I have noticed that this forum mostly focuses on essay reviewing/peer editing and research advice/help. I would like to know if I would be allowed to post a thread asking for advice on how to create a realistic/functional writing schedule for completing the writing portion of my undergraduate thesis paper? I am having a very difficult time completing the writing portion of my paper due to extenuating circumstances relating to psychiatric issues which are causing cognitive deficits. I am not able to mitigate the symptoms of my psychiatric condition at this time because I am awaiting an appointment with a qualified professional and there are financial issues that are exasperating my ability to acquire the proper (medication) treatment that I need for my diagnosis. I am stuck in a situation where I need to complete this paper in due time while dealing with symptoms because if I do not complete the paper then I will not graduate with my degree which I have worked almost six years to get through. I care too much about my education to give up on it now but I am in between a rock and a hard place...

When I am in a healthy state of mind I do not struggle with formulating a plan/routine for completing assignments but because I am in a different state of mind I am finding it harder to make sound and realistic decisions (I am indecisive, anxious, easily distracted by external/internal stimuli, confused, manic, etc). As it is I will have to wait for just over a month to actually see a psychiatrist in person and I need to finish the essay before then. I realize this is probably an unusual request but I would love if I can get some sound advice on how to work out a writing schedule so that I can complete the writing portion of my paper because at this time I am having a difficult time making decisions that are realistic. Would I be allowed to post a thread seeking this kind of advice? If so, where would be the best place to post it and would I have to edit someone's essay before I can expect a reply? I am aware that I will have to review someone's essay before I post one of own essays for review but I am not sure if I would need to review someone's essay if I am just asking for advice on a writing plan.

I am also hoping to actually (eventually) post the essay on this forum in hopes that someone can review the paper. If I am granted permission to post a thread seeking advice on a writing schedule, should I post the essay within the same thread or should I start a new post since the original thread would be focused on getting time management related advice?

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Kameela Amer

justivy03 607  
May 11, 2015   #2

It's true that for you to edit someones essay you should be able to have the knowledge on how and what an essay needs.

In your condition, I understand that it will be a little bit hard to do but that should not prevent you from posting your essay or thesis paper so we can help you.

EssayForum (EF), is here to help you with your essay and editorial articles and also provide you with remarkable feedbacks that will be very essential to complete your work.

I suggest that you go on and post your essay or article here in EF, let us guide you through it and finalize the thesis so you will be able to fulfill

your study.In doing so, I would like you to take note of the following;

- compose your thoughts before starting your article
- know what the goal is and the subject of your work
- turn on your spell check to avoid misspelled words
- list the steps to be taken in achieving the goal, I didn't mean that you have it in bullet points but listing your steps will create a smooth flow in your article

- Conclude your article with the answer to the question you have at the beginning or the answer to your goal
- Lastly and very important, proof read your article before submission.

EF will look forward for your thesis and we're ready to help.


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