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EF categories - where to post my work?

Dec 1, 2008   #1
Final graduate level coursework paper, where to post it?

where/how can I post my 20 page paper

how/ where do I view an outline for a paper

Hi, please check out our terms of service.

And as for your 20 page paper, you can post it right into the appropriate forum, Graduate Coursework. The moderators will not be able to edit the whole thing, but other members will help, too.

You can get other students to help by clicking on "unanswered" and giving feedback, and then asking that person to check out your post. Additionally, we will spend some time with your 20 page paper -- we just cannot edit the whole thing because of time constraints.


Where to post - category questions


I'm a new member here (just joined a few minutes ago, in fact). Where should I post questions about internship application essays? I found one internship essay posted under Undergraduate Admissions and one posted under Essay Writing Feedback.

Someone posted something here yesterday. She included her email and a web-site address which did make it appear as though she was soliciting. But quite honestly, there was some quality to the writing, and seeing this as a place open to anyone, I would love to see her write here. Even warm and fuzzy stuff !

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