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EF Contributing is AWESOME...so how do i become one??!!

From Smira, xoxo
I was wondering how one can become an EF Contributer!!
cause its soo awesome!! I mean I like contributing anyway but is there like some kind of spooky test you have to pass?

If you can reply I would greatly appreciate it !!

P.S = sorry kevin...haha...i had no more faces I can think of !!

Bye Bye

Erh, it is clear, is it not? At the end of the EF Contributor Page lies a line that says once you have given 20 pieces of meaningful feedback to disparate people (not only one sentence), you may go to this link: essayforum.com/contact/ and contact the administration to become a Contributor.
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May 19, 2010   #3
Haha, no, there is no spooky test. Mickey has it right. Just accumulate 20 good threads in which you help others, and follow that link on the contributor page link at the bottom of the screen. I can see why it would be mysterious, though, if you had not noticed that link.
Aug 20, 2012   #5
Request to consider making me a contributor -- no reply

So I have sent 2 requests already using the "contact us" option and for now haven't received any reply, and I have fullfilled the requirement of reviewing at least 2o threads. Really, I am very eager to become a contributor and not knowing whether my candidature is accepted or rejected is troubling. Uncertainty is the worst thing ever.
Aug 23, 2012   #6
Maybe not replying is a kinda trial, like to see if I will continue doing what I do. It makes sense for me.
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Aug 23, 2012   #7
Hi, Khanh if you can put this message in the forum of "moderators and contributors". You are a great writer and you are overqualified to be a contributor. But if you could not be a contributor, keep helping other people cause being a contributor brings no privilege and it is just a status, nothing else. What is really important is that you should enjoy helping others.
Aug 23, 2012   #8
Thanks, Ahmad, you are flattering me) I have no idea how to put it the forum you mentioned. I will still carry on helping others for sure.
Aug 27, 2012   #9

We're sorry for the delay. We thought we had sent you a request to provide a short bio + a picture of yourself (optional). Once we receive the information, we'll be happy to set you up!

Thank you,


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