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EF Contributing is AWESOME...so how do i become one??!!

From Smira, xoxo
I was wondering how one can become an EF Contributer!!
cause its soo awesome!! I mean I like contributing anyway but is there like some kind of spooky test you have to pass?

If you can reply I would greatly appreciate it !!

P.S = sorry kevin...haha...i had no more faces I can think of !!

Bye Bye

Erh, it is clear, is it not? At the end of the EF Contributor Page lies a line that says once you have given 20 pieces of meaningful feedback to disparate people (not only one sentence), you may go to this link: essayforum.com/contact/ and contact the administration to become a Contributor.
Request to consider making me a contributor -- no reply

So I have sent 2 requests already using the "contact us" option and for now haven't received any reply, and I have fullfilled the requirement of reviewing at least 2o threads. Really, I am very eager to become a contributor and not knowing whether my candidature is accepted or rejected is troubling. Uncertainty is the worst thing ever.
Aug 23, 2012   #7
Hi, Khanh if you can put this message in the forum of "moderators and contributors". You are a great writer and you are overqualified to be a contributor. But if you could not be a contributor, keep helping other people cause being a contributor brings no privilege and it is just a status, nothing else. What is really important is that you should enjoy helping others.

We're sorry for the delay. We thought we had sent you a request to provide a short bio + a picture of yourself (optional). Once we receive the information, we'll be happy to set you up!

Thank you,


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