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Copies of previous dissertations related to business topics

Jan 20, 2007   #1
would you be able to send me some copies of previous dissertation releted to any business releted topics ?

i want to see the format and get the idea of who can i cover my own dissertation.

i want to select a topic related to marketting communication which would cover advertising as a field.

Jan 20, 2007   #2

We don't store any copies of previously-written dissertations. Even though some of us have written their own dissertations indeed, (unfortunately) we cannot send them to you due to copyright reasons.

The link between binge eating and decision-making - dissertation

I was wondering whether anyone would be willing to look over my dissertation for me... it's on the link between binge eating and decision-making. Its 7000 words, but I'm really lacking confidence about it at the moment and struggling! i've read it over myself so many times its all a bit of a blur.

Thanks all :)
Apr 19, 2008   #4

You may either post your dissertation here to have it revised for free or use a paid writing/editing service...



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