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How do you get a credit on EF?

Apr 26, 2013   #1
I don't understand how you can get a credit. Can you please explain it to me?
Thank you

Well so basically, you buy these credits, which allow you to delete your threads. I don't think there's any other use for them here.

This page to buy: essayforum.com/index.php?action=transactions
How to get a Credit to post my essay under Urgent?

Featured needs 2 likes. I got one like for one of my writing feedback. Need one more.

But I am not sure how to get my essay posted under Urgent. It says it needs a 1 credit. How to gain 1 credit?
I searched for word 'Urgent' before i posted this thread but that returned no answers.

But after posting this thread, I found a related thread - How to get a credit? and saw it is redirected to this transactions link of essay forum.

When I tried this link, it says that we need to pay some dollars to remove my threads. But my intention is not to remove the thread but add my essay under Urgent. I believe it also means that I need to pay still. Please clarify.
Aug 3, 2014   #9
I believe it also means that I need to pay still.

You are correct. An Urgent thread (it would always appear above all other threads and a qualified person is guaranteed to answer it) requires a paid credit. On the other hand, a Featured thread doesn't require a credit but requires at least 2 Likes.

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