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How do i delete a thread?

ooh, interesting...

I just meant in a situation where your question is answered and therefore no longer applies. I figured I should remove an old thread as a courtesy, since less posts would mean it'd be easier for other people to find posts without replies.

haha i guess not, huh?

well, i was just wondering. Thanks for the response!^_^
the moderators can delete it for you
but why? are you guys worried about it being plagarised?

then put your full name here and it should be a protection against other people copying it. And people with decent mind will know that copying from a major help site is not a very good idea when handing in their college essay.
I asked the same question earlier:

Good afternoon.

As per our TOS.

Moderator, EssayForum.com

"One reason we don't remove threads is so that other members can look through the past postings and maybe find answers to their questions as well."~Gloria
Nov 25, 2009   #17
How do I delete my own thread?

There's one of my thread that I want to delete because I don't want others finding it via google. I tried closing the thread but it didn't work. If I can't delete my thread, at least let me edit it pls!
Nov 28, 2009   #19
Yes, I posted my new draft please remove the original draft from the "Which communities of UPenn interest you, and how will you contribute to them" thread.
Sep 7, 2010   #29
But what if I put my name in the text of the post?

Can I ask a moderator to go into my posts and delete my name?

This is an INSANE rule.
My words are MINE and I should have the right to delete them.
I'd love to get this site shut down.
Who's with me?

And I would like a response about my moderator question.
What are you talking about? We try to set up a community where people can collaborate quite effectively, and when we encounter adversity we try to solve all problems that arise. If we add a little energy by helping people for free, then they can add value by helping each other and by allowing others to learn by reading their threads of collaboration. A lot of people benefit by participating here, and it is a "pure" kind of service because it is all about people contributing to one another's process.

If you do not read the TOS, you won't be able to proceed in a way that serves your interests. IF you do read the TOS but change your mind about your willingness to participate in the way that others do, then you can pay a fee to offset the time you cost us. But it's not as though we have hidden fees or something like that, and it's not as though we are getting rich by doing this.
How to delete my old posts / thread?


I made some posts about college essays and such a couple of years ago, but I wanted to delete all of them, and maybe even just delete my essayforum account all together, but I can't find where to do that?

Any ideas?
You can delete all unanswered threads at the top right corner of the thread otherwise you have to pay a fee of $5 per thread. I just posted my first thread and it told me that in the rules. Not sure where you go to even pay that $5 fee per thread though.

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