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I want to express deep gratitude; letter of acknowledgment to EssayForum participants

Dear all.

Few hours ago I received my TOEFL scores. I got 107 out of 120, where my writing score was 27 out of 30. I want to express deep gratitude to moderators, contributors and members of the forum, since you, guys, contributed significantly to improving my writing skills. May be, few of you checked my essays, but mere the opportuity to read different essays and provide feedbacks to them helped me a lot. Here, I looked throug essays which ranged from perfect works to casual ones, and all of them taught me a lot: from well written essays I learned about style and vocabulary use, whereas in other essays I found out what kind of mistakes I should avoid making in my own essays.

Thanks for such a great place where all can benefit from mutual assistance.

I am taking IELTS soon, end of this month. I am trembling with fears now. I wish i could found this forum earlier. It's really helpful. I posted two threads, but i am not sure what was going wrong because my access is denied.

Please help me to figure out this problem. And hope to receive your feedback as the soonest.
Hi, Lynn

I posted two threads, but i am not sure what was going wrong because my access is denied.

Access to essays? I did not completely understood the problem. If you're unable to look over the given feedbacks, this is a problem that should be addressed by moderators.

Don't worry so much about the exam. I figured out that if one wants to succeed at an official exam he/she must pull oneself together and have calm confidence.

With regard to feedbacks to your essays, I would be glad to be helpful as soon as possible.
Hi Azeri, thanks for starting this thread! It's nice that new EF members will see this and know that they are entering a great learning community.

Hi Lynn, I wonder what the problem might have been with your other account. Maybe you violated one of the rules and your account got suspended. Please don't take offense if that is what happened. Look at the TOS and, actually, it may have been because you posted threads with titles that were not descriptive.

Look at this, too essayforum.com/subject.html.
Some threads get deleted if the title is too short and unoriginal.

I hope that helps! Please start a new thread and post your work; I look forward to helping you correct mistakes!
Just a follow-up from me! Sorry that I'm using a different username, I'm using my friend's account.
I have rewritten my essay for more than 5 times and somehow, I managed to make a successful essay with help of vangiepen's advice.
I'm not posting it here because I'm afraid my essay will be plagiarized! I emailed it to the dean of the admission and he said I was a very gifted writer. Thank you guys! :-) I can now have some time for myself, after going through 4 hellish months of writing a piece of essay!

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