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Help to understand one of the rules (You get what you give!)

This is about rule number 4, "You get what you give! Click "Unanswered" and read some essays by other people! When you see an essay that impresses you, offer lots of corrections and suggestions, and then ask that person to review YOUR essay. This is a great way to make friends and get help from lots of different students."

I found it very difficult to do that, since I am not a native english speaker and I've only learn some basic grammar. Does that mean I will get my account suspended very soon after I submitting couple of essays?

Hi Yishen, this forum has many bilingual people just like you. I have so much admiration for students who are learning to think, speak, and write in more than one language.

In fact, many of the people you see here among our top contributors are students who speak English as a Second Language (ESL):

The reason for this rule you mentioned is to ensure that everyone puts some TIME into giving thoughtful ideas. You do not have to be good at English.

You do not have to correct people's mistakes, because you might not know how to identify mistakes if you are still learning English. You can let the reader know how her essay affected you, and if you have trouble expressing what you mean... well... we all have some trouble expressing what we mean! :-)

So don't worry about having your account suspended, as long as you take some time to find an essay about which you can write a few sentences of feedback, ideas, and even criticism.

Thanks for asking this important question. When other people ask similar questions, I can show people this thread that you started. Kind regards,

I have the same question with Yisheng.
Thanks for Kevin giving this answer.
I will try to help others and give my feedback, although I found it difficult to correct the grammers in the native speaker's essay.

If posting my thought does help the author, I can make it.
It is a bit tough to give advices and correct essays when your are not a native English speaker.
What are the implications in trying to correct some topic, or give some advice and after some moderator find that I was mistaken?

Hi Jose,

If you make a suggestion for an essay, and I correct you, then we all get to learn a little. Also, maybe someone is trying to learn English and will write a sentence in a way I misunderstand, so you can correct me if you see that I misunderstood.

Please be confident and give your ideas about people's essays. You do not have to make corrections. Just talk with them about the writing, and tell them about the EXPERIENCE that other people get (i.e. the experience you get) from reading their writing.

You are bilingual, and I am not, so you can help people in ways I cannot, especially if they grew up speaking the language you know best.


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