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Love to be here on EssayForum

I'm Mariam from Pakistan. I joined Essay forum at the end of Aug and I love it already :)
it has helped me so much to improve my writing skills but still I have a long way to go.
Thankyou everyone on EF, I feel really nice to be among you :)

Hello Mariam!

I'm Ershad, and I'm from India. You're right, EF is great.
Initially, I found it quite addictive. Lately, I haven't been able to spend as much time here as I'd like, but I still make it a point to visit at least once daily.

Anyway, I saw your GRE essays. So what do you intend to study and where?
Initially, I found it quite addictive.

I completely agree with you on that. Now a days, the first thing that I do when I swithch on my computer is to log in to EF.

So what do you intend to study and where?

I'm planning to do MS in molecular and medicinal pharmacolgy from USA, but first I need to get over with GRE....turns out it's not that easy as I thought it would be; I'm trying the best I can :)
well my fisrt preference is UCLA and second is UCSF. But I'd LOVE to get in UCLA, lets see what comes up for me :)

What about your? You'r doing GRE, so what are your plans after that?
And please do give me an account of your GRE experience, it'll give me an insight.
I intend to do an MS, and then maybe a PhD, in Biomedical Engineering. I'll apply to UCLA too, but my first preference is Purdue. I'll probably apply to 4-5 universities.

And please do give me an account of your GRE experience, it'll give me an insight.

Sure :)
Do you have a Facebook account? You can find me there. My profile pic is the same as the one given in the contributor page.

Otherwise, I can describe the experience here itself.
Biomedical Engineering

I thought you are a writer or something like that :)
and best of luck with your plans.

I can describe the experience here itself.

It would be great if you write an essay about it, that would be a fun read :)
Sep 11, 2010   #9
IT is really a good place to be here. you know ..the example inspired me the direction how i should write a good essay. cool
I am the writing equivalent of a bathroom singer.

I always wonder why people refer to being a bathroom singer to express how bad a singer they are because if they are so bad why on earth do they torture themselves by singing in solitude, deep inside they really think that they'r GOOD. So, it means deep inside you know that you are like what sort of a writer? :)

the example inspired me the direction how i should write a good essay

I absolutely agree with you, EF has not only helped me to improve my writing but by reading other member's essays I even realize many of my own mistakes which i had never noticed before. Besides it has also given me a chance to interact with so many people from around the world simply through writing. :)

take care
So, it means deep inside you know that you are like what sort of a writer? :)

That's a strange sort of interpretation.
I think people are never tortured by hearing their own singing because they get used to their voice, whether it's good or bad.
So deep inside they don't care what they sound like. Using that analogy I can safely say that I don't care whether my writing is good or bad; I just write whenever there is a requirement, or if something crazy is going on in my mind.

By the way, it seems that I won't be writing the GRE experience essay after all. They made me sign a bond or something which prevents me from divulging any details, and I'm not sure as to what qualify as "details."

Anyway, I'll give a brief and general description.

My exam was in the city of Kolkata which is about a thousand kilometers from my hometown. I landed there the day before the exam, and since my plan was to stay there for only two nights, I checked into a relatively cheap hotel. That was a mistake. The room smelled like a strange mixture of cigarette smoke and dentist's gloves. Moreover, I found that the mosquitoes of that place had a particular affinity for my blood. Consequently, I didn't get any sleep. The food wasn't great either. Anyway, I arrived at the examination center, completely disgruntled and pissed at everything in the damned city.

So it was a surprise, albeit of the pleasant variety, when I found how helpful the staff were. They assisted me with everything, and properly explained the procedures. The check-in process was smooth. The testing environment was good, and the test went uninterrupted. The invigilators were always there if any test taker had any problems.

I just encountered one problem. The "s" key of my keyboard was slightly faulty. It didn't work when I pressed it like any other key. I had to smack it real hard to make it obey my command. While doing that I unintentionally started smacking the other keys also. By the time I was in full flow with my essays, I must have looked like someone who was intent on destroying the keyboard. I assure you I had no such intentions.

When I left the center, I had a big smile on my face, because I had scored way more than I expected. Of course, I have not got the officially verified scores yet, but the unofficial scores were good. The essay scores will be out only after a few days. Before taking the flight home, I treated myself to a sumptuous meal which also was an extension of my Eid celebrations.

Hence, the moral of the story is that there is no moral. Just trust your instincts, except while choosing hotels (of course, not everyone has lousy instincts like mine). Take all the identification documents required to avoid unnecessary hassles. Stay in a good place if your center is not in your hometown. Practice from the GRE Test Prep available on the GRE website.

That's all I guess.
Wow, looks like you had loads of fun at GRE :) I enjoyed reading your description alot, learned a couple of lessons from it, I'm sure so did you ;)

Congratulations for getting a good score, best of luck for the essay result, and belated Eid Greetings.

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