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Moderators may only be able to comment...

ajit88rai 22 / 191 3  
Feb 9, 2011   #1
- Due to high volume of requests,
moderators may only be able to comment
once on each essay!

I read this note while posting my essays each time. But its my personal experience n observation that u all keep responding to the same threads again n again (manytimes) and dont even care to respnd to the unanswered threads until they start rotting in that section. Is there any sort of priority order which you all follow or is it just random? Kindly enlighten us so that we should know what we should expect? I know u all r humans and also have busy lives. But if u can get the time to reply to same threads again n again, then i feel u can also get it to respond to Unanswered ones to... do enlighten us? People who r not moderators,please dont answer it. Call this as complain or request or whatever....

EF_Kevin 8 / 13,539 129  
Feb 9, 2011   #2
Call this as complain or request or whatever....

Hi Ajit, I'll call it sympathy, because you mentioned that you know we are humans and that it gets busy. Sometimes all the essays are mind-boggling.

So, thanks for the sympathy! And thanks also for all the good help you have been giving people. Some EF members only give one or two sentences of feedback, but you are one of the people that give excellent feedback and help a lot of essayists. So... that is really cool.

About our system for helping people: EssayForum became very popular in the past several months, and we have more activity than ever. We are trying different approaches to make sure everyone gets some help, and if we land on one system that we will always use, I'll let you know!

Here is an idea: Sign up to be a contributor, and that way you will be able to add EssayForum to your resume, list of activities, ect. Also, you will have access to the Contributor & Moderator forum, where you can meet great people who are like you. The contributors are the people who are very serious about giving good help and getting good help.

You are right about everything, and you really do deserve more help than we gave you. Unlucky! I'm going to go look at some of your essays right now. Kevin says: "The squeaky geese gets the wheel."

Good luck on Saturday, Ajit!
OP ajit88rai 22 / 191 3  
Feb 9, 2011   #3
Hi Kevin,
of course we all are humans and have our own lives. I really love this website and due to my personal experience , I thought it was on its way to become like Facebook (full of negligence), which I would really not want. I hope other people here will also get the benefit from my inquiry. You people are doing some great work and hats off to all of your's efforts. Keep helping the peeps and I will also love to be a helping hand to all of you. thanks a tonne for responding. :)

EF_Susan - / 2,395 12  
Feb 16, 2011   #4
Well, we are glad to have you. And I see that you are already giving a great helping hand, because you have almost 100 posts!
So... I really felt bad when I saw that we had not helped you, ha ha... Well, please consider joining the contributors.
jomse 5 / 13  
Feb 16, 2011   #5
Hai ajit, I am a new contributor in EF. I am trying to improve my english essays and EF helps me a lot. However i am not confident in correcting others essays.... may be in due course of time i will be able to do it. Please consider my apology.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,539 129  
Feb 28, 2011   #6
However i am not confident in correcting others essays.... may be in due course of time i will be able to do it.

Thanks, Jojo, I understand! But wouldn't you like to hear what someone thinks after they read your essay? I bet you would not mind hearing from someone who says, "I am not confident yet, but I will tell you the idea I got from your essay."

So, it is not all about making corrections. You can visit a person's essay thread and just tell them about the ideas you got from the essay. Mostly, it is about giving each other encouragement.

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