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Otherwise, a small fee (starting at $5 per thread) explain this

If your thread has no replies, you can remove it for free at any time. Otherwise, a small fee (starting at $5 per thread) applies.
what does this mean?

I think it means if, for some reason you want to remove your thread, you can remove it for free if there are no replies. But if there are replies on it, then you have to pay $5 to have it removed, if you want to remove it.
More than two threads created?

Hi, I'm quite new here and so far everyone has been really insightful with their feedback. I've also given a lot of feedback to others and it's been great! I just have one question:

I created two threads in the undergraduate admission forum, and I recently just created another. I see that I must delete/close one of my threads so that EF members can see my two older threads.. Can someone please briefly explain how this works?

Thank you all so much.

PS: How come I can close my most recent (third) thread for free when there are already replies?

Thank you in advance once again!
You are only allowed to have two threads open at a time. You can close a thread that you don't need responses to and purchase credits to permanently remove any thread. I don't think the system allows you to close threads when you are under the two thread limit, but you can close the threads on posts that you believe don't need help on. There is a difference between closing a thread and removing it, if that makes sense.
By the way, you are allowed to have as many open threads as you like. They just do not appear in the "Help with mine" section at the end.

YOu can close the thread by clicking close this thread at the top of the page.

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