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Passages translated into English - is it OK to post?

Mar 20, 2009   #1

I would like to ask if I may post passages TRANSLATED into English here as well, not an essay. They are my translations of course. I would like to get feedback about my English if it sounds so, for my main field is translation; and I searched many language forums, but all for essay-writing not translation.

I will only post my English translation of the text to get feedback about the language. It this allowed?

Much Obliged.

EF_Kevin [Contributor] 129  
Mar 20, 2009   #2
I think it will be fine, and I am excited for you; I wish I had become a translator!! Make good choices so that your career becomes fascinating! I look forward to seeing what you post.

Remember that if you have posted a translation on another website, it cannot be posted here.
EF_Sean [Moderator]  
Mar 20, 2009   #3
That sounds like a great way to improve your translation skills. I look forward to reading your posts.
Mar 20, 2009   #4
OP Rosamond  
Mar 21, 2009   #5
Many thanks indeed for your gentle replies. It would be my pleasure to benefit from your knowledge.

Much obliged indeed.

Why do I have to post 2 messages before starting every new thread??
EF_Sean [Moderator]  
Mar 21, 2009   #6
Because the point of these forums is that everyone helps each other out. So, the post requirement makes sure that students have to offer at least some help to other forum users before they can get feedback themselves.
OP Rosamond  
Apr 5, 2009   #7
for every time you get help with something, you are supposed to review 2 other essays. Maybe our instructions about that are not clear enough, because people don't follow that rule often. But if all of you review 2 essays for every time you post something to get help with, the whole forum will be full of collaboration.

I've noticed some replies that offer no help but only to open a new thread, which, I think, goes against your aim of fruitful cooperation.

Would you please take it into account that giving feedback or reviews is quite intimidating! Especially when it comes to non-natives or even "poor" ones! It is sort of embarrassing and dicomforting to make it obligatory that way.

I think that most of the students who do that "trick" of leaving "nonsense" replies to open their own threads do not mean any harm, and are not -propably- selfish. Please consider that not all of us are as expert or excellent as you are. I could hardly dare to correct grammatical mistakes, but to review essays as you do! No! I feel it is kind of "arrogant" if I leap out to correct or review while I am not a native at least.

Please try to be more understanding of our dilemma. See it from that perspective and do not take it to heart. Thank you for taking time to help us.

Much Obliged.
OP Rosamond  
Apr 6, 2009   #8
No replies yet!

Was it said improperly?
EF_Kevin [Contributor] 129  
Apr 6, 2009   #9
Oh... what post are you talking about? I may have missed it accidentally. BTW I appreciate all the feedback you have been giving people. Truth is, as a translator you are just as qualified to help as any of us. More qualified.

What thread did we miss? I'll go look now...
OP Rosamond  
May 2, 2009   #10
Rosamond: You were not in the wrong, so do not think that is what everyone on this forum believes. Only that particular thread has been removed. I am happier to read your writings than of the 10,000 others!

More than anything else, I am indebted to you, Mr.Rajive , for your tender paternal tone and gentle reasoning. Thanks to you, I have learned something more precious than new vocabulary and dearer than any compliment I have ever received. I understand now where your daughter got her good heart from.

Never did I wish to convey hatred to anyone, and certainly not you who lended me more than one hand when I needed. I would indeed be most ungrateful to deny the generous treatment I received from certain members in this forum. I did not come back, however, to start any new dicussion. I wish not to rub wounds at times when they should be dressed, nor do I wish to force my presence where it is no longer welcomed. I just want you to know that, in very few words, it was a "massive misunderstanding." As individuals whom I dealt with, I hold nothing but respect and gratitude for the help you offered me.

Mr. Kevin,
EF_ Team,

Much Obliged.

God Willing, I plan to start blogging in English this summer holiday. If you would accept my invitation then, I would be most gratified
Until we meet again,
Please accept my regards.

Rosamond HD.

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