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Why are some people getting suspended?

Why are some people getting suspended? Not that I have, but I've seen many suspended users here. I just want to avoid being suspended myself and I'm just wondering why they got suspended.

It's simple - we take the rules outlined below the post form SERIOUSLY. Otherwise, the forum would become a mess in a few days or less.

- The most common reason why someone could be suspended is that they provided meaningless answers in other students' threads. For example: "Nice essay!", "Good work, I like it!", etc.

- Another reason - they didn't follow the thread title rules: essayforum.com/subject.html.
- The last most common reason - they copy-pasted text that has already been published elsewhere.

EssayForum.com is not yet another Facebook, MySpace, or Bebo. If you come here, you can expect free and professional help, but also don't be surprised you will be suspended if you don't follow these simple rules.

Nov 15, 2009   #3
I got some trouble with my account - I can't login

I've posted my essay on the undergraduate forum yesterday, but I can't login my account today.
my account is : adamsnoopy.
i cant get on the website: i got suspended, do not understand what is wrong

help! i got suspended from the website. i understand that you get suspended when you have commited an offence, however i do not recall intentionally breaking any of the rules. i apologize if i have broken any of the website's rules. is there anyway i can be allowed back on the website? my user name is ginny2345
Got suspened, What's reason?

I actually went through the rules of how to set specific topics for the threads and all the terms and I chose the most specific and best I could for my thread, but I just came back today to see if anyone has replied my thread and I got shocked of being banned! I just wanted to see if I may know the reason of suspending so I would avoid repeating it and getting suspended again.

Thank you.
Dec 5, 2012   #15
Actually, your essay had no problem as I edited it. Sometimes the suspension has other reasons. For example, if you put useless comments on other students' works, such as "It is very good work", "Good job", you will be suspended. Plagiarism is another reason. Sometimes it happens mistakenly.
Well... you've been suspended for the reason of providing meaningless comments on others' threads... Anyway, your suspension is removed now and hope you provide more meaningful comments on other posts in future!

: )
How are people suspended?

Someone posted meaningless feedback on my essay. I went to his profile, and saw that he posted meaningless feedback in someone else's essay too. Also, one minute after he posted on my essay, he published his own. Clearly he was just writing in order to publish his own essay.

I'm not quite sure how the whole website works, as I'm relatively new to it. If it's on a community based reporting system, I'd like to report arunesh12
What can I do when my account was suspended?


I'm just becoming a new member for few days ago, and I found that my account was suspended today..
After I searched the resolution, I don't really know which rule I broken or both of them.

I think I might do 2 wrong of things:

1. I'm sorry for that I didn't read the rules very carefully. I have posted my essay on another website also. ( and I have already closed it)

2. When I posted my first essay, after I have posted for a while, I found that my title was too bad, I want to rewrite it but I couldn't do that, thus, I deleted the essay and posted a new essay again. (not sure if this is denied or not?)

I use a new account to seek for a help that I wonder to know that how can I do that my account can be active again?

Thanks for the help.


What is your old username?
Hi, my old username is: youe. Could anybody help me to solve my problem? I would be very appreciated for that..Thank you very much!

The old username is not active. Please use the old one ONLY.
Hi EF_Team,

I Had a user account : aravee which is suspended and one of my closed thread in my previous has plagiarized my existing document online.
Can I know why my account is suspended and when I use plagiarism checker of grammarly I am getting that the document I plagiarized from my post.

this will create problem for me during my application process Please kindly remove my account and the thread if possible.

Dear brother, I have suspended two times. I understand the what was my fault. but 2nd time why I get suspended, don't understand. I write to know about specific topic in others thread. Am I not allowed to get help by comments on others thread? If not, how will I get a chance to post 2nd thread as poorer student? You were suspended for giving useless advice to other students.

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