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Post was Edited Instead of my Essay

Blair_K 3 / 4 4  
May 30, 2015   #1

I posted a part of my research paper under that title "Research Thesis on Orchid Hunting during the Victorian Era". I wrote an explanatory post explaining what my project was and gave the instructional outline for my paper so that an editor would understand what it is I am expected to do with my paper. A member by the name of siddiqumar was nice enough to comment on my post but instead of editing my actual essay they edited my explanatory post. Their advice was sound but I was not looking for someone to edit my post I was looking for someone to edit my essay. I am a bit confused as to why they did what they did. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they did not understand that my explanatory post was not a part of my essay. I am a little discouraged that I have spent a lot of time in the past two days giving good writing advice to two other people but have yet to receive any useful advice for my actual essay. Since siddiqumar has already commented on my post it looks like my essay will not be edited as it is no longer showing up in the "unanswered" thread. In my opinion, my post is still "unanswered" because my essay did not get edited at all. I am not posting this complaint/thread to bash siddiqumar because they did provide good editing for my explanatory post, but again, this is not what I was looking for. I would like for someone to actually edit my essay, can this still be done? Also, I wrote in my explanation for my assignment that I will be completing my essay in segments and would like to have people edit different parts of my essay (the literature review, methodology, findings, etc). So for example, my original thread was about my introduction and research questions but after a few days I will have the literature review done and will want someone to edit my literature review. Should I make a new thread for my literature review or should I post the literature review in the same thread as my introduction and research questions (my original thread)?

Thank you,
EF_Team [Moderator] 41 / 222 15  
May 30, 2015   #2
Ok.. the replies were deleted so that your essay still appears on the Unanswered page.

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