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How to post my essay with a graph?

I am going to take a IELTS test and I am practising writing essays related to analysing a bar chart or a pie chart. But I tried and cannot copy the graphs from Excel to paste on this forum. How is your suggestion? Thanks!

Do you have a Facebook? Paste your chart on it and check the picture's URL. Then click the "Image link" button (right above the message section when you write your threads, on the right side of "R" button, can you find it?). Then you make it.
Nov 2, 2009   #3
The number of visitors to The Theme Park last year.

According to the graph, the number of visitors to The Theme Park witnessed many changes. Speaking generally, attendances at the park can be divided into 3 distinct periods: a slow rise from January to May, a wavy fluctuation from May to September, and a gradual drop from September to December.

In the first two month, visitor numbers increased steadily by 25,000 people month. From March through to May, the increasing rate of the following month was double one of the previous month and reached the peak of 70,000.

May witnessed the sharpest fall from 70,000 to the slowest point of 20,000 visitors, followed by the most dramatic growth to the second peak of 120,000.
In the two following month, the rise in July was recovered by a stronger increase in August, so attendances reached the highest peak with nearly 140,000 people in August.

In the last quarter of the year, there was a steady drop by 20,000 per month, from 140,00 in September to 80,000 visitors in December.
Nov 3, 2009   #4
I did like the way you suggested but there was a prompt" the link only works for Facebook-logged users"
How can I do now?
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Nov 4, 2009   #5
Hey, I cannot see any mistakes. The only concern should be whether you fulfilled the requirements set forth by the professor. Do you have any questions about this? You seem to understand perfectly.

As for the composition of it, I think you should give an intro paragraph that calls attention to the graph and raises questions about it. Tell the most important observation. Then, in the body paragraph, make all the observations. Finally in a brief conclusion, reflect on the implications. Leave the reader with "something extra" to consider.
Nov 5, 2009   #6
It is a Ielts writing model. It gives me a chart and a writing task:
You should spend about 20 minutes on the task.
"The graph below shows the numbers of visitors to The Theme Park each month last year.
Summerize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where revelant.
You should write at least 150 words."
I think I don't be allowed to make any implication, but reflect facts and figures.
I try to re-write the above essay and post later.
Thanks for your consideration!
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Nov 6, 2009   #7
I see what you mean! Yes, it is good to follow the prompt meticulously! I only mentioned reflecting on the implications as a nice ending for an essay, but that is not the task here. You seem to have it under control!!

Nov 6, 2009   #8
But how can I post the chart attached with my essay on this forum. I tried to post on my facebook then linked to this forum, but it seems not to work.
You shouldn't have to post your graph in order for people to grasp where you're erring. If you do, this is more suited to basic descriptive statistics.

Why they'd give you a graph that you could post simple statistical observations about, as a language test, isn't clear to me.
Nov 7, 2009   #11
Have you heard about Ielts model? This task is one of 2 ­vvritting tasks.
The first task is to ­vvritting essay explain ho­vv you support your opinion on a topics.
The second one like the above take, only require to analyse a chart, a needy skill for studying abroad in a university.
Ok, I was not familiar with the model. Nevertheless, the skill you must hone has little to do with writing and everything to do with making accurate statistical observations based on charts and graphs.

What key words you do need to use are of a mathematical nature (e.g. "more", "less", "arithmetic average", "median", "mode", "majority", "greatest", "least", etc.).

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